A New and Critical Edition of George Osborn's the Poetical Works of John and Charles Wesley (1868-1872) Volume XI Parts 1 and 2

This volume of the “New Edition” of George Osborn’s The
Poetry of John and Charles Wesley widens considerably the
entrance into access of the original poems of the eighteenth-
century Wesleys, as well as their translations and altered versions of others’ poetical works. This “New Edition” provides general readers and researchers alike with necessary background
information relative to those poems–details historical,
bibliographical, and biographical that Osborn omitted or of which he had no knowledge. This “New Edition” becomes an important research tool, rather than simply a polished reissue of a literary antique under new bindings.

Table of Contents

1. Hymns on the Four Gospels and Acts of the Apostles
2. Mark
Chapters 7-11, Hymns 914-1026
Chapter 12-16, Hymns 1027-1140 3. Luke
Chapters 1-4, Hymns 1141-1232,
Chapters 5-8, Hymns 1233-1316
Chapters 9-12, Hymns 1317-1400
Chapters 13-16, Hymns 1401-1463
Chapters 17-20, Hymns 1464-1510