Noetical Theory of Gabriel Vasquez, Jesuit Philosopher and Theologian (1549-1604)

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This study deals with the place Vasquez gives to the objective concept in its relation to the external word (speech), to truth (judgment), to knowledge (human cognition), and to being (reality). The crux of the matter lies in the relation which the objective concept of a thing has to the thing in itself. His teaching of the objective concept was opposed by his contemporary, John of St. Thomas. In this century, Jacques Maritain in his work Reflexions sur l’intelligence et sa vie propre, sees it as the source of the idealism of succeeding eras.

“There are hardly any English publications on Vasquez to date. Prof. Lapierre’s work is filling a gap; therefore, it is a must for any library in the English speaking world interested in medieval studies.” – Tibor Horvath

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword, Preface, Introduction
1. historical Overview
2. Life and Times of Gabriel Vasquez
3. Concept and External Word
4. Concept and Truth
5. Concept and Knowledge
6. Concept and Being
7. Concluding Observations
Appendix A: Chronological Table of Vasquez’s Life
Appendix B: List of the Writings of Gabriel Vasquez
Bibliography, Index of Names and Subjects

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