Entrapment of the Poor Into Involuntary Labor: Understanding the Worldwide Practice of Modern-Day Slavery

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Examines the factors which facilitate modern-day slavery (MDS) and prescribes a realistic intervention strategy to counter its practice at all levels of government and society.


In this stimulating, well written and conceptually innovative—not to mention timely—work, Dr. Abadeer provides, for the first time, research-based criteria for an effective intervention strategy which counters modern-day slavery practices realistically at the local, national, and international levels.” – Prof. Karl W. Schweizer, New Jersey Institute of Technology

“Abadeer approaches one of the greatest silent horrors of our times with the heart of a poet who identifies with the marginalized, the will of a humanitarian who grew up near the problems he attacks, and the analytical mind of an economist on the leading edge of his craft. . . . in this rare gift to analysts, students and practical humanitarians, he weds moral outrage to clear, dispassionate analysis, pointing the way toward effective, compassionate change in this exceedingly complex area of modern life.” – Prof. Kurt C. Schaefer, Calvin College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Karl W. Schweizer
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Making of a Slave
Chapter 3: New Institutional Economic Analysis of Modern-Day Slavery
Chapter 4: Interventions, Remedies, and Special Considerations
Chapter 5: Foundations for Effective Christian Interventions and Remedies: A Biblical Perspective
Chapter 6: Summary and Conclusions

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