The 1909 Historical Edition of Hymns Ancient and Modern: The Hymnal as a Major Reference Work with Biographical and Historical Notes

Dr. Rogal presents a critical edition of a historic Hymnal within the Church of England, Hymns Ancient and Modern. He presents this obscure Hymnal as a way of studying sacred music and as a reference for historical study and discussion of Hymns.


"... this present examination of the 1905 Historical edition of Hymns Ancient and Modern indicates, its emphasis focuses upon the hymnal as a single-volume reference work - in this instance, reflecting the hymnodic preferences and practices within the Church of England during the period 1860 through 1904. Unlike the practice of the present day, when major denominations produce two distinct volumes."
From the Prefatory Note

Table of Contents

Prefatory Note

1. The Initial Steps

2. Hymns Ancient and Modern (1860, 1861)

3. Hymns Ancient and Modern (1868, 1904)

4. The Historical Edition (1909): Frere's "Introduction"

5. The Historical Edition: Substance

6. A Final Word

7. Works Cited and Consulted

8. Index to Scriptural References

9. General Index