A New and Critical Edition of George Osborn’s the Poetical Works of John and Charles Wesley (1868-1872), with the Addition of Notes, Annotations, Biographical and Background Information - Volume 1

Volume one of the “New Edition” of George Osborn’s nineteenth-century collection of The Poetry of John and Charles Wesley provides access to the original poems of the eighteenth-century Wesleys, as well as their translations and altered versions of others’ poetical works. It provides necessary background information relative to those poems–details historical, bibliographical, and biographical that Osborn omitted or of which he had no knowledge.


“Essentially, this refurbished version of Osborn’s collection, when placed on library shelves beside the three volumes of Kimbrough and Beckerlegge, will allow students and scholars of eighteenth-century verse and hymnology opportunities to view and assess the fullest range possible of the literary contributions of John and Charles Wesley to the social, political, and theological spheres of their day.2 Finally, until a complete edition of the poetry of John and Charles Wesley comes forth, Osbom’s collection remains the best of the lot; as such, it cannot be allowed to disappear from library shelves, with its few remaining sets consigned into the hands of antiquarian book collectors and used book shops.”

Table of Contents

Introduction to the New Edition
Part I.
Eupolis’ Hymn to the Creator
Solitude. From the Latin
The Mystery of Life. [By the Rev. John Gambold]
Epitaph. [On Gambold. By Himself]
Virtue. Altered from Herbert.
Upon Listening to the Vibrations of a Clock. [By Gambold]
Doomsday. From Herbert
Spiritual Slumber. From the German
On Reading M. De Renty’s Life
Vanity. From Herbert
Farewell to the World. From the French
Giddiness. From Herbert.
To a Friend in Love. [By Gambold)
I. Timothy v. 6. [By Gambold]
John xv. 18,19
Hymn to Contempt
The Agony. From Herbert
The Thanksgiving. From the Same
in “Contents” inserted by Osborn.
The Reprisal. From the Same
Matins. From the Same
Employment. From the Same
The Elixir. From the Same
Grace before Meat
Grace after Meat
On Clemens Alexandrinus’s Description of a Perfect Christian
Affliction. From Herbert
Frailty. From the Same
The Collar. From the Same
Grace. From the Same
Gratefulness. From the Same
The Method. From the Same
“Grieve not the Holy Spirit.” From the Same
The Sigh. From the Same
The Flower. From the Same
Desertion. From the Same
A True Hymn. From the Same
The Temper. From the Same
The Same
Bitter-Sweet. From the Same
A Hymn for Midnight
After Considering Some if His Friends
Religious Discourse [By Gambold]
Man’s Medley. From Herbert
Misery. From the Same
The Sinner. From the Same
Repentance. From the Same
Complaining. From the Same
Home. From the Same
Longing. From the Same
The Search. From the Same
Discipline. From the Same
Divine Love. From the German
Written in the Beginning of a Recovery from Sickness
After a Recovery from Sickness
A Prayer under Convictions
The Fifty-third Chapter of Isaiah
Hebrews xii. 2
Galatians iii. 2
Hoping for Grace. From the German
The Dawning. From Herbert
Psalm cxxxix. 23
The Change. From the German
Part II.
Christ the Friend of Sinners
On the Conversion of a Common Harlot
Romans iv. 5
Acts i.4
Hymn of Thanksgiving to the Father
Hymn to the Son
Hymn to the Holy Ghost
Praise. From Herbert
The Glance. From the Same
Desiring To Praise Worthily. From the German
Free Grace
The Call. From Herbert
True Praise. From the Same
The Dialogue. From the Same
Subjection to Christ. From the German
Renouncing All for Christ. From the French
The Invitation. From Herbert
The Banquet. From the Same
Therefore with Angels, &c.
Glory Be to God on High, &c.
Hynm to Christ. Altered from Dr. Hickes’s Reformed Devotions
On the Crucifixion. [By S. Wesley, Senior]
Part of the Sixty-third Chapter of Isaiah. Altered from Mr. Norris.
The Magnificat
Psalm xlvi
Psalm cxiii
Psalm cxvi
Psalm cxvii
Prayer. From Herbert
Trust in Providence. From the German
In Affliction
In Affliction or Pain. From the German
Another. By the Same
In Desertion or Temptation
Isaiah xliii. 1,2,3
The Believer’s Support. From the German
Living by Christ. From the German
God’s Love to Mankind. From the Same
God’s Greatness. From the Same
Hymn on the Titles of Christ
Second Hynm to Christ
Third Hymn to Christ
Hymn to Christ the King
Second Hymn to Christ the King
The Saviour Glorified by All. From the German
A Morning Hymn
A Morning Dedication of Ourselves to Christ. From the German
Christ Protecting and Sanctifying. From the Same
Supplication for Grace. From the Same
Hymn to the Holy Ghost
At the Descent of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost. Altered from Dr. H. More
Public Worship. From the German
Prayer to Christ before Sacrament. From the Same
Hymn after the Sacrament
Acts ii. 41, &c.
To Be Sung at Work
God with Us. From the German
God Our Portion. From the Spanish
Gratitude for Our Conversion. From the German
Boldness in the Gospel. From the Same
Acts iv. 29
Congratulation to a Friend, upon Believing in Christ
Hymn for Christmas-Day
Hymn for the Epiphany
Hymn for Easter-Day
Hymn for Ascension-Day
Hymn for Whitsunday
Grace before Meat
At Meals
Grace after Meat
John xvi.
Part I.
The Fifty-fifth Chapter of Isaiah
The Life of Faith. Exemplified in the Eleventh Chapter of St. Paul’s
Epistle to the Hebrews
Business. Altered from Herbert
Looking unto Jesus
The Same
A Morning Hymn
An Evening Hymn
To the Rev. Mr. Whitefield
To the Same, before His Voyage
A Hymn To Be Sung at Sea
In a Storm
Zechariah xii. 10
The Means of Grace
Waiting for Christ
Before Reading the Scriptures
Before Preaching
After Preaching
Hymn to God the Sanctifier
Written in Sickness
Upon Parting with His Friends
Romans vii. 24,25
Romans vii. 24
Psalm cxliii. 6
Longing after Christ
Psalm cxxx
In Temptation
Matthew v. 3,4,6
In Temptation
Matthew i. 21
Desiring Christ
“These Things were written for our Instruction”
I thirst, thou wounded Lamb of God. From the German
The Resignation
A Prayer against the Power of Sin
After a Relapse into Sin
Written in Stress of Temptation
Micah vi.6,&e.
Part II.
Redemption Found. From the German
From the Same
Christ Our Wisdom
Christ Our Righteousness
Christ Our Sanctification
Christ Our Redemption
“It is very meet, right, and our bounded Duty, that we should
at all Times, and in all Places, give Thanks unto
Thee, 0 Lord, Holy Father, Almighty, Everlasting God”
Hymn for the Kingswood Colliers
To Be Sung While at Work
Isaiah xxxv
For a Minister
At Setting Out To Preach the Gospel
Acts iv. 24, &c.
To Be Sung in a Tumult
“Little Children, love one another”
For the Anniversary Day of One’s Conversion
To Be Sung at Meals
Before a Journey
On a Journey
After a Journey
At Lying Down
Groaning for the Spirit of Adoption
Universal Redemption
Hymn to Christ the Prophet
The Backslider’s Confession
At the Approach of Temptation
In Temptation
Job xxiii. 8,9,10
After a Relapse into Sin
Against Hope, Believing in Hope
Matthew v. 4
The Just Shall Live by Faith
Isaiah xlv. 22
Praise for Redemption. From the German
On the Admission of Any Person into the Society
Seraphic Love. Altered from Mr. Norris
The Aspiration. From the Same
Solomon’s Song. Chapter v. 15, &c. Altered from Sandys
Written after Walking over Smithfield
The Believer’s Triumph. From the German
The Love-feast. Parts I., II., III., IV., V.
The Commission of Saints. Parts I., II., III., IV., V., VI.
Isaiah l xiv
Hebrews iv. 9
Index to the First Lines