Subject Area: History-Europe

A New Interpretation of Irish Round Towers: Their Secular Origin and Function in the Tenth to Twelfth Centuries
 Freitag, Barbara
2018 1-4955-0637-1 304 pages
This study challenges all of Petrie's assertions that Irish Round towers were simply places for Irish Monks to store their valuables and proposes a radically new understanding of the Irish round tower. It is guided by Martin Carver's hypothesis regarding early medieval monumentality, and by his three essential questions - 'Why that? Why there? Why then?' - this study deploys historic, annalistic, architectural, literary, and linguistic evidence to establish a secular origin and function for the towers and to situate them as products of the period between the tenth and twelfth centuries.

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An English Translation and Commentary on Amand Vanderhagen’s MÉthode Nouvelle et RaisonneÉ Pour La Clarinette (1785) and nouvelle MÉthode De Clarinette (1799): A Study in Eighteenth-Century French Clarinet Music
 Blazich, Joan Michelle
2010 0-7734-3805-X 292 pages
This work provides for the first time, the complete English translations and analyses of the first known, Classical-era pedagogical treatises for the clarinet. The project makes available valuable information on performance techniques used by Classical-era clarinetists, particularly in Amand Vanderhagen’s discussions of the embouchure, reeds, and embellishments. In addition, it demonstrates Vanderhagen’s influence on subsequent clarinetists.

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An Explanation of the Origins and Nature of Notre Dame Modal Polyphony in the Twelfth Century: A Musical Genre Integral to the Development of Gothic Art and Medieval Culture
 Flindell, Edwin Frederick
2014 0-7734-4312-6 452 pages
Through an interdisciplinary approach the author seeks to discover how composers created the modal polyphonic system. The reader is led from scholarly and theoretical issues to direct compositional creation.
A significant contribution and interdisciplinary approach to medieval musical research. The author not only researches the music history of the time, but incorporates the political, social and cultural conditions that gave rise to the birth of polyphonic thought in Western music.

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 Wood, Carol Lloyd
1996 0-7734-8859-6 132 pages
This is the first general study of the earliest poetry in Wales, much of which is attributed to the legendary bards Taliesin, Aneirin, and Llywarch Hen, and some of which even deals with those legendary figures Myrddin (Merlin) and Arthur. It also argues that it had a far greater influence on Anglo-Saxon poetry than most scholars have recognized. Finally, it chronicles a clear and major shift in the way the English are viewed by the Welsh. The English turned from being one enemy among many to the agents of all ruin and loss. By the time of the Llywarch Hen and Heledd cycles, the metaphors of the next thousand years of Welsh poetry are established.

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How 300 Idealistic Young Germans Fought to Liberate the Greeks From 500 Years of Muslim Tyranny: A Novelistic History of the Greek War of Independence (1821-1832)
 Wetzel, Heinz
2018 1-4955-0642-8 580 pages
This historical novel by the University of Toronto German scholar Professor Heinz Wetzel, focuses on the Greek uprising and the War of Independence against the Turkish occupation and on the astonishing degree of European support that is awakened in the cause of freedom.

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Istanbul, the Geopolitical Capital of The United States of Europe, Russia, and Asia
 Jacob, Alexander
2019 1-4955-0757-2 80 pages
This short monograph details the ideas of Jean-Francois Thiriart, (1922-92), and his political theory concerning the post-Cold War world. Jean-Francois Thiriart argued that Istanbul would be ideal capital of this secondary Euro-Asian superstate. The introduction is written by Dr. Alexander Jacob.

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Le corps-á-corps de l’abbé Richalm de Schöntal avec les demons (A Case of Combat against Demons in a 13th Century Monastery)
 Horowitz, Jeannine
2021 1-4955-0872-2 444 pages
This text is thirteenth century describes the experiences of l’abbé Richalm de Schöntal and his battles with Demons and the Devil within his German monastery. The text is in French.

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Religion and Politics in Nineteenth-Century Britain: Secularism, Conservatism, and Anti-Semitism
 Turner, Michael J.
2018 1-4955-0705-X 184 pages
This volume of essays is a mediation of the status of religion and politics in Nineteenth century Britain. It is based on a panel on the subject at the North American Conference on British Studies and brings together six academic experts on the subject.

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Sir William Wilde, 1815-1876: Surgeon, Scholar, and Father of Oscar Wilde Two Volumes
 Tipper, Karen Sasha Anthony
2020 1-4955-0804-2 744 pages
Sir William Wilde’s intellectual achievements in many fields were forced into obscurity by the sensation generated by two trials, that of a trial for slander brought against Lady Jane Wilde in December 1864 by a young patient of her husband and the trial of Oscar Wilde in 1895. I have sought to avoid prejudice by presenting and examining his own writings for the contributions he made to research and progress in all his undertakings in science and medicine, particularly aural medicine.

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Spiritual Accompaniment and Marginalization in the Vincentian Tradition (Softcover)
 NicUaithuas, Máire Éibhlís
2021 1-4955-0911-7 475 pages
This monograph explores the evolving history of spiritual direction giving particular attention to its availability to and practice with people who are marginalised; exploring metaphors and models for spiritual direction from the early Church to more contemporary offerings; and proposing an over-riding paradigm of story-telling. Key formative influences on the spirituality of Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac are explored and more contemporary studies in relation to spiritual accompaniment of people who are marginalised examined.

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The Geopolitical Unification of of Europe, Russia and Central Asia: Creating a Unitary Transcontinental Multinational State
 Jacob, Alexander
2019 1-4955-0756-4 72 pages
This short monograph details the ideas of Jean-Francois Thiriart, (1922-92), and his political theory concerning the post-Cold War world. Jean-Francois Thiriart argued that the creation of unitary state containing Europe, Russia, and Central Asia would be a second player in competition with the United States. The introduction is written by Dr. Alexander Jacob.

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The Great Reform of the Theatre in Europe: A Historical Study
 Braun, Kazimierz
2019 1-4955-0787-4 384 pages
This book traces a movement in European theatre history known as the Great Reform of Theatre. This movement unfolded roughly between 1880 and the late 1930s. It developed against the background of dramatic political, technological, and cultural changes in the entire western world. The Reform transformed all facets of European theatre including play-writing, mise-en-scene, performance, production, criticism, and social significance.

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The Metaphorical Metaphysic of John Donne: An Interpretation of his Poetry and his Prose
 Stanwood, Paul G.
2021 1-4955-0897-8 368 pages
Dr. Paul Stanwood combines the long and distinguished academic career on the subject of John Donne.

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The Nazarenes, A Nineteenth Century Art Movement: Romanticizing the Historical Jesus (hardcover)
 Schwarz, Hans
2022 1-4955-0933-8 54 pages
This monograph describes the influence of the Nazarenes, a movement based in Germany during the Romantic era. The Nazarenes created images of the Bibles and Jesus that affected European Christianity.

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The Poor and Marginalized in Early Medieval Europe: Gregory the Great's Use of Defenders, Notaries, and Meritorious Almsgiving
 Brazinski, Paul A.
2021 1-4955-0871-4 250 pages
No previous work has provided a comprehensive investigation of Gregory the Great’s concern for the poor and marginalized. This has left not only a gap in current scholarship but also several unanswered questions, such as where did Gregory the Great learn his administrative skills? How did he use his lesser orders, defenders and notaries to manage the finances and other affairs of the Roman see? And how did he promote charitable giving during his reign?

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The Royal Licensing of London Theatres in the Seventeenth Century: A History of the Killigrew and Davenant Patents Granted by Charles II
 Jenkins, Terry
2017 1-4955-0614-0 212 pages
This monograph records the the history of royal licensing of theaters that begin in 1660 when Charles II granted the Davenant and Killigrew patent to John Rich. The patent was owned by John Rich for fifty years. It places John Rich's theater ownership in historical context and includes an in-depth and comprehensive history of the patents themselves.

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Vlfberht, The Sword Master: A Re-evaluation Based on 9th-11th Century Swords with the Signature Vlfberht on the Blade and on Contemporary Written Sources
 Stalsberg, Anne
2017 1-4955-0610-X 72 pages
This study contains information about 167 swords from 23 European countries. These swords are kept in several museums in Europe (and one in the USA). Apart from the swords in the museum where I worked for 40 years, the 167 swords, about which I have collected information of different qualities, constitute as a basis for a discussion of who and what Ulfberht may have been, - a question which may be studied based on only mediaeval written sources. The discussion of Ulfberht’s position in the sword production is the main issue of this book, since it needs critical discussion. This study is based both on archaeological and historical, i.e. written mediaeval sources.

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Women's Literacy in Eastern Europe During the 18th and Early 19th Centuries: The Case of Haye Adam
 Fishbane, Simcha
2019 1-4955-0790-4 80 pages
Dr. Fishbane and Dr. Stern describe the Haye Adam, a legal text about the nature of Jewish law and women within the Jewish community. It was composed by Rabbi Abraham Danzig (1748-1820) in Prague.

Price: $79.95