Le corps-á-corps de l’abbé Richalm de Schöntal avec les demons (A Case of Combat against Demons in a 13th Century Monastery)

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This text is thirteenth century describes the experiences of l’abbé Richalm de Schöntal and his battles with Demons and the Devil within his German monastery. The text is in French.


"The exploration of the treatise on revelations, which Father Richalm of Schöntal is both the hero and the victim through his body. stubborn body with demons, turns out to be a more complex than it seems at first glance. Which, given the title, promises to be a foray - one more - into the territory already well cleared of medieval demonology, is rapidly evolving towards the confrontation of a bundle ofdisciplines in whose scaffolding ecclesiastical history is only the keystone. Since the inspirer of treated - Richalm of Schöntal - is psychically affected by the material he aspires to treat, the historian must note this somewhat uncomfortable parameter and take it into account in his approach. In other words, in the wake of the abbot Richalm, the historian, out of necessity addresses the sulphurous shores where history and psyche intertwine. "

Table of Contents


CHAPITRE I Présentation du texte

CHAPITRE III. La révélation: La transmission d’un savoir

CHAPITRE IV. Un guide de la société monastique médiévale

Notes en guise d’épilogue


Le livre des Révélations des méfaits et ruses des démons contre les humains
Editions latines à l’origine de la traduction
Le livre des révélations des méfaits et des ruses des démons contre les humains du bienheureux Richalm, abbé de l'abbaye de Schöntal de l’ordre cistercien en Franconie

Ici commence la narration




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