A Systemic Study of the Theology of Guerric of Igny: Selected Philosophical and Theological Topics

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"Guerric of Igny (c. 1080-1157) is the least-known of "the four Cistercian Fathers. ...Within the Cistercian order...Guerric's corpus of sermons are foundational to Cistercian thought. Born in Tournai (now in Belgium), he was trained in the cathedral school in philosophy and theology, under the influence of Odo of Cambrai. ...Guerric became Abbot of Igny, and he composed a series of carefully-worded sermons which were arranged to the order of the liturgical year. These sermons are not sermons in the usual sense, but are expositions on the monastic life throughout the liturgical year. ...This present volume...strives to expand and enlarge Guerric scholarship by categorizing the major aspects of theology addressed in Guerric's sermons. ... The advantage of systemizing Guerric's thoughts is to better comprehend his overall understanding of Christology, soteriology, morality, anthropology, et.

Table of Contents

Introducing Guerric of Igny and His Theology
The Goal of the Monastic Life
Anthropology in Guerric of Igny
Christology in Guerric of Igny
Soteriology in Guerric of Igny
Morality and Pneumatology in Guerric of Igny
Faith in Guerric of Igny
Wisdom in Guerric of Igny
Humility in Guerric of Igny

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