Tipper, Karen Sasha Anthony

Karen Sasha Anthony Tipper received her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She received her AB from Mount Holyoke College and her MA from Washington University, St. Louis. She is Professor Emeritus of English at Nichols College, Massachusetts.She is also an Honorary Member of Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, UK.

A Critical Biography of Lady Jane Wilde (1821(?) - 1896): Irish Revolutionist, Humanist, Scholar and Poet
2002 0-7734-7263-0
The focus of this study is upon a progressive woman whose broad erudition allowed her to write on a great variety of subjects. Her own life as a revolutionist and writer, and her writings about women will interest those in women’s studies. As an Irish nationalist in a movement that had considerable influence on subsequent nationalist leaders like Arthur Griffin, her views in her revolutionary poems and articles are still pertinent.

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Correspondence by Charles Baudelaire: A Close Reading
This is a close study of the one poem of Charles Baudelaire where he explains, and exemplifies, his key aesthetic idea: that every physical quality “corresponds” to a spiritual quality, or idea. Therefore, the physical world should be interpreted as a performance of the spiritual world an idea the author suggests Baudelaire got from Swendenborg.

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How Charles Baudelaire Interpreted the Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe. The Rhythmical Creation of Beauty
2016 1-4955-0518-9
Examines the parallel lives, beliefs, and artistic principles of Charles Baudelaire and Edgar Allan Poe, with an analysis of representative verse of Poe from the viewpoint of Baudelaire as he undertook the task of artistic comparison. There is no denying, however, that both men did indeed possess superior analytical minds, extensive knowledge, and an extraordinary vocabulary, and in describing Poe Baudelaire could have been describing himself.

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Lady Jane Wilde’s Letters to FrÖken Lotten Von KrÆmer, 1857-1885
2009 0-7734-4891-8
This is the first volume of Lady Jane Wilde’s letters to be published. Its contents should help to dispel some of the malicious rumors about the Wildes repeated in most biographies.

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Lady Jane Wilde’s Letters to Mr. John Hilson, 1847-1876: A Critical Edition
2010 0-7734-3763-0
This work presents the letters of Lady Jane Wilde whose affinity for letter-writing, over a period of thirty years, is captured in her correspondence with a Scot, Mr. John Hilson, whom she only met once during a visit to the Borders. This book contains five color photographs.

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Lady Jane Wilde’s Letters to Oscar Wilde, 1875-1895
2011 0-7734-2543-8
This book is an edited collection of the correspondence between Lady Jane Wilde with her son, the famous Irish playwright, Oscar Wilde. The letters accumulated in this edition surround three areas upon which their relationship was founded – a mother’s love for her child, pride in Wilde’s status as a writer, and his ability to provide her with a financial safety net. Significantly, Tipper’s translation of Lady Jane’s nearly indecipherable script and the historical context in which she places Lady Jane’s letters give the reader an added depth of knowledge into the life of Lady Jane and Oscar Wilde. While the book ends before Wilde’s disgrace, the letters correct a great deal of misinformation and generalizations about Wilde by his detractors.

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Lady Wilde's Letters to Constance Wilde, Friends and Acquaintances, with Selected Correspondence Received
2013 0-7734-4501-3
The current final volume is a collection of correspondence written by Lady Jane Wilde to her daughter-in-law, Constance Wilde, as well as other friends and acquaintances. Lady Wilde, like her son Oscar, was an excellent writer. She had a wide range of interests. Much of the ridicule directed at Lady Wilde and her writing and lifestyle followed the imprisonment of her son in 1894 and reflected Victorian prejudices. These letters provide a different picture: that of a reflective, intelligent and kind woman.

An excellent work in deciphering Lady Wilde’s personal handwritten letters and correspondence. An invaluable source of new information to scholars reassessing the lives of the Wildes, studying the status of women, or working in the field of Irish literature.

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Sir William Wilde, 1815-1876: Surgeon, Scholar, and Father of Oscar Wilde Two Volumes
2020 1-4955-0804-2
Sir William Wilde’s intellectual achievements in many fields were forced into obscurity by the sensation generated by two trials, that of a trial for slander brought against Lady Jane Wilde in December 1864 by a young patient of her husband and the trial of Oscar Wilde in 1895. I have sought to avoid prejudice by presenting and examining his own writings for the contributions he made to research and progress in all his undertakings in science and medicine, particularly aural medicine.

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The Aesthetic Life of Charles Baudelaire and His Influence on Oscar Wilde: The European Precursors of Spiritual Love
2017 1-4955-0603-7
In this study, Dr. Tipper observes that there is a striking resemblance between both the lives and works of Charles Baudelaire and Oscar Wilde. The study compares the philosophical, artistic, and social backgrounds of the two writers and the personal aspects of their lives which caused them to live and to write in similar ways. Such resemblances naturally enhance the influence a writer has on a successor and this led Wilde to conceive of Baudelaire as a fellow genius and noble sufferer from whom he could borrow some ready-made splendor.

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THE SCHOLARLY PROCESS OF EDITING LETTERS: Letters as a Primary Source for Researchers and Serious Readers
2016 1-4955-0445-X
This study provides the information future editors of letters will need when they undertake the task of searching for, selecting, and editing letters of a person whose published letters, they believe, will make an important contribution to scholarship as well as being of interest to general readers.

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