Women's Literacy in Eastern Europe During the 18th and Early 19th Centuries: The Case of Haye Adam

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Dr. Fishbane and Dr. Stern describe the Haye Adam, a legal text about the nature of Jewish law and women within the Jewish community. It was composed by Rabbi Abraham Danzig (1748-1820) in Prague.


"Rabbi Danzig's Haye Adam had a unique approach to Jewish legal writings that differed from his predecessors. For generations, the style of halakhic commentaries consisted of writings on Jewish legal topics, and often used language and ideas difficult even for the educated laymen. After being invited to become a Vilna community functionary, Rabbi Danzig's goal was to teach his community how optimally to practice Jewish law, since he understood the challenges of the age-old halakhic writing styles of the older commentators."
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Table of Contents



A Historical Overview of Jewish Women and Literacy in Eastern Europe

Women and Prayer

Women and the Laws of Zimmin

Women's Obligation to Recite the Grace after Meals

Women's Obligations to Light Candles for Shabbat

Summary and Concluding Remarks


A General Bibliography Concerning Jewish Women in the Early Modern Period

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