Menstruating Women and Menstrual Blood in the Mishnah: A Social Anthropological Study

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Dr. Simcha Fishbane examines the topic of menstruation and menstrual blood in the Torah. The study focuses on the views of Rabbis and other members of rabbinical culture in the second century C.E. Dr. Fishbane examines the relevant passages from the Torah on menstruation and menstrual blood and interprets them.


“... will focus on the menstruous women (or niddah in Hebrew) as perceived by rabbis of the Mishnah (redacted on approximately the second century CE as a meticulously presented system governing both the cultic ritual and civil law of a utopian rabbinical society which mirrors the divine will in heaven through careful execution of human actions on earth.”
From the Introduction

Table of Contents


Niddah in Scripture

Scholarship Views Niddah

An Anthropological Approach

The Structure of Tractate Niddah

The Case of Blood in Anthropological Literature

The Male Control of Society - Danger Power and Pollution

The Social Isolation of Niddah

Concluding Remarks

Works Cited

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