Shakespeare's Henriad- The Formation of Human Character: Four Plays about a Decisive Century in English History

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Three studies pertaining to Shakespeare's Henriad plays.

Table of Contents

Study 1: The Leadership of the Rebels in Henry IV Part 2
Chapter 1: Polemarchus's Teamplayer Morality
Chapter 2: Act I Scene iii: Should They Cross the Rubicon?
Chapter 3: Act 1 Scene i: Lord Bardolph Doubles Down on a Lie (Like President Trump)
Chapter 4: Falstaff Illustrates a Different Way to Escape a Shameful Situation
Chapter 5: Act IV Scene i: What Should the Rebels Do Now That They Have Crossed the Rubicon with
Insufficient Troops?
Chapter 6: Act IV Scene ii: Prince John's Trickery Triumphs Over the Remaining Rebels
Chapter 7: Act II Scene iii: Northumberland Once Again Chickens Out
Chapter 8: Conclusion
Study 2: Instinct is a Great Matter
Chapter 1: Hal's Arragonian Daydream
Chapter 2: Scouring Away the Influence of One's Companions
Chapter 3: Hal Begins to Pull Away from His Old Companions
Chapter 4: Proud People Do Not Easily Yield
Chapter 5: The Need for Self-Examination
Chapter 6: Socrates and the Absence of Shame
Study 3: How Can Sack Set Learning in Act and Use?
Chapter 1: Master Silence in Drink
Chapter 2: The Living and Breathing Word of Him Who Knows
Chapter 3: Being Indifferent to the Finger
Chapter 4: Arragonian Arrogance
Chapter 5: On Refusing to be Merciful
Chapter 6: Puling Open a Hole in Bloom's Coat
Chapter 7: Conclusion

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