Macbeth, Murder, and the Witches: Evil Spirits and Supernatural Coincidences

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Dr. Morris discusses the idea that our lives may be shaped by forces beyond our control and reckoning. He uses Shakespeare's Hamlet as a reference point to other philosophers and theologians on this complex issue.


"We are in need of a paradigm shift. Our obtuseness is not science’s fault; it is philosophy’s. When we venture into the realm of the anecdotal we lose the ability to quantify, and for many philosophers quantification is a prerequisite to understanding something. Because human beings are capable of believing all sorts of nonsense, merely having a “ witness to confirm my speech” (V.i.17-18)--or millions of witnesses--is rightly thought not to be reliable. But still, we should not act as if we know that the supernatural is impossible."
From the Introduction

Table of Contents

1. Some Reasons Why I Am Convinced of the Existence of the Supernatural

2. The Socratic Method Versus the Method of Long Speeches

3. Subjectively Appropriating an Objective Understanding

4. Team-Player Morality

5. Channels in the Soul

6. Shirk

7. Reasons for Serving

8. Listening with Distinct Judgements, Listening with Confused Judgements and Disregarding Words Altogether

9. Evaluating What One What Should Do

10. The Leap of Faith

11. Avoiding Remorse

12. Macbeth’s Decision to Murder Duncan

13. Trusting in God

14. Good Versus Evil

15. The Sublime

16. Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, and Hecat All Use People as Tools

17. Passion Leading the Way

18. Distancing Oneself from the Horror of the Time

19. Kierkegaard’s Two Ways of Responding to the Abyss

20. Macbeth Makes a Priority of the Supernatural

21. Rosse and Lennox

22. The Race to Enverness

23. Denying the Possibility of Glaucon’s Master of Injustice

24. SpiritM

25. Adeimantus’ Types of People

26. True Manliness

27. Distraction and Ekaggata

28. Two Methods of Escaping Dukkha

29. Banquo, Macduff and Malcolm All Fail to Grab Their Cubic Centimeters of Opportunity

30. Macduff was Preoccupied With the Cause of Scotland when He Went to England

31. Macbeth in Denial


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