The Metaphorical Metaphysic of John Donne: An Interpretation of his Poetry and his Prose

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Dr. Paul Stanwood combines the long and distinguished academic career on the subject of John Donne.


"The fourteen essays gathered in this volume represent my writing of the past twenty-five years and so is the sequel to my first collection, The Sempiternal Season: Studies in Seventeenth-Century Devotional Writing (1992). They are reprinted as they first appeared, with only minor corrections, and also with occasional additional citations to notes where recent scholarship is especially relevant. Many of the essays were first composed for conference presentations, others written for special occasions or prescribed topics."
From the Introduction

Table of Contents


I. Sermons and Prose Writing

Critical Directions in the Study of Early Modern Sermons
Donne's Reinvention of the Fathers: Sacred Truths Suitably Expressed
Donne's Art of Preaching and the Reconstruction of Tertullian
Donne's Earliest Sermons and the Penitential Tradition
Consolatory Grief in the Funeral Sermons of Donne and Taylor
Essayes in Divinity and Donne's Reading of Genesis

II. Poetic Forms

The Vision of God in the Sonnets of John Donne and George Herbert
Liturgy, Worship, and the Sons of Light
The Structure of Wit
Revisiting Joseph Beaumont

III. Cultural Affections

Richard Hooker's Discourse and the Deception of Posterity
Of Prelacy and Polity in Milton and Hooker
Community and Social Order in the Great Tew Circle
Sin, Judgement, and Eternity

Other Literary Criticism Books