Subject Area: Gerontology

Aging and Caregiving in Canada
 Clarke, Egerton
2001 0-7734-7297-5 196 pages
The author uses a unique combination of theoretical perspectives to explain what goes on when residents and professional as well as informal caregivers interact. The author also provides an informative discussion of the ethnic subjects of his research; these include Italian and Anglo-Saxon populations.

Aide-Tested Techniques to Improve Long-Term Resident Care
 Antoville, Anthony Jr.
2001 0-7734-7443-9 96 pages
This handbook focuses on the major and most common problems the author has witnessed as a health care provider. The book conveys in a concise, easy-to-read format workable solutions to the real problems CNAs face each day on every shift, as compared to the classroom approach given in most current training textbooks. It presents practical solutions for the issues of time management, quality control and public relations while maintaining a focus on best nursing practices. “This is a practical guidebook for certified nursing assistants presented with compassionate personal insights and a sense of purpose. What makes this book so special is that all tasks and issues are presented with an underlying ethic of care. Antoville’s book presents the CNA as a responsive and responsible professional. Each concise chapter offers practical suggestions from how to prevent pressure sores to keeping the peas and carrots off the bed covers. Antoville is always mindful that the CNA is part of an interdisciplinary team, appropriately referring the CNA to the charge nurse.” – Maria Bartlett, PhD “Mr. Antoville brings to his manuscript practical experience, sound theory and, most refreshingly, a way in which to combine the two. . . This volume does not forget that the patient’s family is an integral part of the health care team. He models respect, not only for the patient, but for the family as well. Mr. Antoville’s work bridges the chasm between the ivory tower and the real world. He provides both new and experienced nursing assistants with tips and tools to improve their practice.” – Jan Windz, PhD, RN

An Ethnographic Study of the Role of Humor in Health Care Transactions
 Lippert, Lance R.
2005 0-7734-6247-3 224 pages
This book examines conversational humor in communicative exchanges during the health care transaction. Our focus is on interactive humor at a specific cultural site as it actually occurs. This study is based on the assumption that the participants at this site routinely engage in some form of humor exchange during interpersonal communication in health care transactions. Given the prevalence of humor use in the health setting, as well as the lack of attention devoted to this important phenomenon in the extant literature, this study set out to explore two fundamental questions. The first question that must be addressed is: If the participants (nurse and resident) in a long term care relationship construct conversational humor or participate in humor exchanges, what are the humorous exchanges accomplishing? What functions do they serve? The second question deals with the humor strategies and their organization by the participants: How are the humor exchanges being accomplished? In other words, what humor strategies and communicative behaviors do the participants apply during health care transactions?

Nursing homes operate as homes for millions in this country's aging population. Because nursing homes more often call for prolonged care rather than a cure, interpersonal communication is even more crucial to this care giving context. Humor use is one way the participants in this study interpersonally confronted the rigors of old age and institutional care. The humor exchanges enhance the communicative climate and multiply the chances for quality care outcomes. This book sheds new light on the role of humor in long term care facilities and offers educators, practitioners, and researchers a powerful tool for better understanding communication in this context.

Questions of Law, Morality and Ethics within Contemporary Society
 Ost, Suzanne
2003 0-7734-6613-4 366 pages
This work provides a close examination of the definitional issues surrounding euthanasia, and analyses euthanasia as a ‘living phenomenon’ which can be best understood by reflecting upon subjective understandings of the subject and individuals’ lived experiences of their medical conditions and treatment. The work addresses not only the law surrounding voluntary active euthanasia, but also the withdrawal of treatment from incapacitated patients, the refusal of treatment by competent patients, and the subject of advance directives. Additionally the work takes a comparative approach to euthanasia laws in the Netherlands and Australia in order to illustrate the differing legal and ethical positions that exist. The work includes a small empirical study which takes forward some of the central issues by placing them in the contextual setting provided by members of the medical profession, hospice staff, general public, and voluntary and anti-euthanasia society members.

Attitudes of Older African American Women About Alcohol
 Hatchett, Bonnie F.
2002 0-7734-7337-8 120 pages
Explores how drinking status, religiosity, and religious affiliation are associated with beliefs about alcohol usage among African American women 55 years of age and older. The relationship between religion and attitudes and behaviors related to alcohol suggest that the church could be sued as a vehicle for the dissemination of educational information about alcohol use and possible treatment options.

Bibliography of Recent Works on Home Health Care
 Mullner, Ross
2000 0-7734-7763-2 200 pages
This volume identifies over 500 major articles and books published during the decade of the 90s. Main chapters include: General Sources; Licensing, Accrediting and Credentialing; Administration and Management Characteristics; Access, Geographic Variations, and Referrals; Patient and Disease Characteristics; Case and Disease Management; Quality and Outcomes of Care; Economics, Financing, and Managed Care; Laws, Regulations, and Ethics; Care Providers and Personnel Issues; Home Medical Equipment and Technology; Infection Control; Nutrition; Policy Issues and Trends; Other. An author index and key work index are included.

Body-Mind-Spirit Links to Healthy Aging
 Beeson, Lillian L.
2002 0-7734-7152-9 164 pages
This is a practical guide to wellness promotion among the elderly. Combining their considerable expertise in gerontology, communication, education, drug behavior, and developmental psychology, the book covers a wide array of topics and synthesizes and impressive number of professional disciplines and resource materials. Throughout the work, the authors present ideas first popularized in studies of aging by Bernice Neugarten and Robert Havighurst and apply those ideas to the health and well-being of elders in American society.

Caring for Older People in Taiwan: The Role of Community Care Centers
 Cheng, Chi-Wei
2016 1-4955-0515-4 336 pages
This important book provides new and robust research on a contemporary global issue, that of population aging and how to deal with it. Dr. Cheng’s masterful analysis of Taiwan’s Community Care Centres links personal participant satisfaction in quality of life matters to the public policy and public health issues of addressing an aging society.

Checkpoint - Poems of Death and Old Age a Bilingual Edition of Posto Di Blocco
 Chapple, Erasmi
1991 0-7734-9630-0 240 pages
Libero Bigiaretti's Checkpoint, is a translation of poetry in Italian into English making the latest work by Italian author Libero Bigaretti available to the North American public. Bigiaretti searches for where the other has become the absolute denial of the reality of the self. What is singular is his perspective of a man who looks at life with the consciousness that his work is done. Bigaretti writes humorously from that narrow strip of no-man’s land between the memory of a meaningful life and the contemplation of death. The book contains an introduction, notes, original text, and translation. Libero Bigiaretti's Checkpoint, is a translation of poetry in Italian into English making the latest work by Italian author Libero Bigaretti available to the North American public. Bigiaretti searches for where the other has become the absolute denial of the reality of the self. What is singular is his perspective of a man who looks at life with the consciousness that his work is done. Bigaretti writes humorously from that narrow strip of no-man’s land between the memory of a meaningful life and the contemplation of death. The book contains an introduction, notes, original text, and translation. Fourteen illustrations by the author are also included.

Comparing How Various Nations Administer Retirement Income: Essays on Social Security
 Hyde, Mark
2010 0-7734-3727-4 316 pages
This book makes an innovative contribution to the field of retirement income security in three distinctive ways. First, it seeks to develop a sophisticated philosophical rationale for the social dimension, in the context of retirement. Such a rationale is frequently implicit in much of the relevant literature, and where explicit, is often crudely developed. Second, it seeks to identify robustly the ways in which specific forms of privatisation promote outcomes that are consistent with the social dimension, whilst acknowledging the possibility of market failure. Third, it seeks to provide an agenda for reform, based on robustly developed normative arguments, and a careful appraisal of the evidence.

Critical Study of the American Nursing Home - The Final Solution
 Adler, Ursula
1991 0-88946-383-2 242 pages
An examination of the American nursing home with case histories of patients and staff, showing ways in which this essential health care facility can be improved to meet the needs of the residents. Through case studies the author raises questions regarding issues such as: power exercised by nursing home patients, Health Department scrutiny of nursing homes, ethics and licensing for administrators, the unappreciated and heavy loads for social workers, and the psychological impact of living in a nursing home on the elderly.

Deviant Nurses and Improper Patient Care
 Falk, Ursula A.
2006 0-7734-5967-7 200 pages
Describes that segment of the nursing profession who deviate from the expectations of the public in the performance of their duties. The concept of “cognitive dissonance” is explored in connection with male nurses but fits the entire study here because the very word “nurse” implies a concern for the sick and needy, which some nurses negate by their actions.

Food and Eating Experiences of Older Women in a Retirement Community
 Curch, Lisa
2005 0-7734-5920-0 300 pages
Explores how social milieu influences the development and progression of dietary behavior throughout life, the potential of life course transitions to modify dietary behavior, and how a retirement community environment shapes current dietary behavior. Four levels of influence on dietary behavior were identified: 1) personal factors; 2) interpersonal relationships and social interaction; 3) social roles and statuses; and 4) contexts, particularly environmental, community policy, and political economic contexts. Analysis additionally revealed four major food-related themes in the lives of the women: dietary morality, dietary wellness, dietary sociability and dietary duty. Interpretation of the findings contributed to the development of a theoretical model.

Helping Networks of the Aging and Retired
 Warren, Donald I.
1992 0-88946-137-6 328 pages
Specifically directed at a better understanding of the often fragile patterns of help and social support available to the aging and retired in urban society.

History of Man's Responses to Death Mythologies, Rituals, and Ethics
 Prioreschi, Plinio
1990 0-88946-142-2 504 pages
This book examines death from a biological and historical point of view, and its impact on human thinking. The problems of unexplained death, the criteria of death, and its meaning in the light of the Second Law of Thermodynamics are discussed. The answers given by philosophy and the sociological aspects of the phenomena related to the care of the terminally ill, to mercy killing, to suicide and to the death penalty, are also investigated. The thesis supported is that the fear of death is the motivation behind our need to accomplish anything (be it having children or getting the Nobel Prize) that will allow us to survive death. The primary cause of most of our actions in fact, are traced to our desire to achieve some form of immortality. The fear of death is considered to be life’s main energy source. In sum, the book finds that fear of death is the motive behind the human need to accomplish anything at all and discusses care of the terminally ill, mercy killing, suicide, and the death penalty.

Life Work of Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and Its Impact on the Death Awareness Movement
 Chaban, Michele
1998 0-7734-8302-0 388 pages
This book suggest that the claims made for Kubler-Ross's work are inflated if not erroneous. It uncovers a history of deception associated with Kubler-Ross's research as well as with her clinical and educational initiatives. This history of deception is particularly poignant because Kubler-Ross's practice may have embodied the very values of denial, deception and inappropriate care which she condemned in normative medicine. This volume traces the history of Kubler-Ross's life work, particularly her history of thought, and challenges the death awareness movement to be more accountable in its care of the dying.

Management Dilemmas in Catholic Human Service
 Cleary, Maureen
2007 0-7734-5462-4 308 pages
This work seeks to identify and analyze certain management and governance dilemmas displayed in Australia’s Catholic Human Service Organizations (CHSO). The research found that these problems are arising out of the complex interaction of the Church structures, external economic and political changes and a fundamental change in the personal base of these organizations. While quite uniform in the 1960s, Australian CHSOs have taken on multiple organizational forms in the past years due to rapid changes in the arenas in which they operate. Yet, in all these different forms, a single meaning system serves as a unifying principle, thereby illustrating that CHSOs cannot be categorized as being derived from a political, economic or legal institutional base. Rather, they are part of a group of organizations called Symbolic Organizations that are derived from a symbolic institutional base.

Nutrition for God's Temple (hardcover)
 Couey, Dick
1993 0-7734-9286-0 664 pages
This nutrition textbook, both up-to-date and accurate, is written for Christians and others who wish to self-protect their bodies against health hazards. The contents and controversial topics are well-referenced (over 350 references), and approximately 70% of the references are from sources published since 1986. Each chapter contains detailed summary tables that include the major points. Appendixes contain detailed nutrient analyses of hundreds of foods. At the end of each chapter are commonly-asked questions and answers concerning the topic. Finally, at the back of the book 18 laboratories are included, to give students some practical working knowledge of nutrition and how it might by applied to everyday life. Each chapter has Bible verses that apply to the particular topic in nutrition.

On the Death of My Father. A Psychoanalyst's Memoir
 Silberberg, Martin
1995 0-7734-9052-3 164 pages
{The death of one's father is} "the most important event, the most poignant loss, of a man's life." -- Sigmund Freud When the author's father died a few years ago he was shaken by feelings of unsuspected depth. This memoir is a narrative of his personal struggle to comprehend and integrate his father's death into his life. In this very thoughtful, simply written and, at times, wrenching analysis of this relationship with his father, the author offers perceptive insights about the entire process of loss and mourning both as it relates to the living and those who have died which reaches beyond his own individual experience.

Professional and Patient Responsibilities in Home Health Care Nursing
 Marrone, Catherine
1999 0-7734-7975-9 196 pages
Discussions in this book include home care nursing, who enters home care, what home health care nurses do, and working relationships.

Rural Elderly in America
 Yenerall, Joseph D.
1999 0-7734-8186-9 144 pages
Focus of this book is with the rural aged, nationally and internationally. This group is thought to, because of age and place, 'lag behind' in a modernizing or modern society, causing them to be ignored in social scientific literature. The book builds a foundation of knowledge about a population which relatively little is known. In addition the information about the elderly will serve as a test of a major thesis in sociology and anthropology concerning the adaptation of groups to social change.

Special Problems on Non-Compliance among Elderly Women of Color
 Kail, Barbara Lynn
1992 0-7734-9531-2 148 pages
This volume presents current knowledge about the use, misuse, and abuse of drugs by an often neglected and misunderstood segment of our population. The various systems involved in the problem are addressed in turn. Epidemological and methodological issues specific to this population are also considered.

Textual Analysis of American Government Reports on Aging
 Green, Bryan S.
2001 0-7734-7413-7 346 pages
This study demonstrates a textual approach to analyzing policy documents, to establish a method of study applicable to any social policy documents. This method will be analytically adequate to this kind of material and of critical interest both from the standpoint of substantive policy areas (here, policy on aging and 'the aged') and the broader standpoints of democratic practice, social stratification and the emancipatory possibilities of social theory. This study will interest policy analysts, critical discourse analysts, sociologists (especially those interested in language and social reality construction) and, due to the subject-matter, social gerontologists.

Interdisciplinary Studies in Portrayal and Classification
 Souza, Margaret
2009 0-7734-4688-5 452 pages
An interdisciplinary work that examines the representation of death in traditional and “new” media, explore the meaning of assassination and suicide in a post 9/11 context, and grapple with the use of legal and medical tools that affect the quest for a “good death.” The contributors treat their interrelated topics from the perspective of their expertise in medicine, law, psychology, anthropology, sociology, political science, religion, philosophy, literature, media, and visual culture.

A Five-Year Clinical Study
 Sartori, Penny
2008 0-7734-5103-X 588 pages
This clinical study is the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom and the first long-term prospective study of NDEs in existence. Most research into near-death experiences (NDEs) is based on anecdotal accounts which have no medical data to verify proximity to death or support the reports.