Bibliography of Recent Works on Home Health Care

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This volume identifies over 500 major articles and books published during the decade of the 90s. Main chapters include: General Sources; Licensing, Accrediting and Credentialing; Administration and Management Characteristics; Access, Geographic Variations, and Referrals; Patient and Disease Characteristics; Case and Disease Management; Quality and Outcomes of Care; Economics, Financing, and Managed Care; Laws, Regulations, and Ethics; Care Providers and Personnel Issues; Home Medical Equipment and Technology; Infection Control; Nutrition; Policy Issues and Trends; Other. An author index and key work index are included.


“This remarkable compendium is an essential resource for health care administrators. Administrators planning new program start-ups or managers trying to plot a survival course in this tumultuous industry can all benefit from this ready made source of guidance. The Bibliography offers the serious student of Home Health Care complete academic depth, it is clearly organized so that professionals in the industry can make effective use of this work as a road map to answering the questions that challenge them every day.” – Benn Greenspan, President and CEO, Sinai Health System, Mount Sinai Hospital Center, Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital and Care Network, Sinai Community Institute, Sinai Medical Group, and Sinai Family Health Center, Chicago, Illinois

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