Body-Mind-Spirit Links to Healthy Aging

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This is a practical guide to wellness promotion among the elderly. Combining their considerable expertise in gerontology, communication, education, drug behavior, and developmental psychology, the book covers a wide array of topics and synthesizes and impressive number of professional disciplines and resource materials. Throughout the work, the authors present ideas first popularized in studies of aging by Bernice Neugarten and Robert Havighurst and apply those ideas to the health and well-being of elders in American society.


Beeson and Dugan’s book extends very well the major propositions of Activity Theory in Social Gerontology. The author provide evidence to support the tenant “use it or it,” as applied to the aging process. Considerable stress is given to alternatives to drug therapy and the use of necessary drugs only as a means to insure wellness in later years of the life course. Findings concerning fun, laughter, continuing education, and play activity are reviewed with an eye to noting the positive impact of the activities on the quality of life during the senior years. The contribution of this work lies in its extension of the ideas of Activity Theory and the detailed application of these ideas to everyday living circumstances of many elderly in modern societies. – Dr. Joseph D. Yenerall

The Wellness Model is an important contribution in that it makes specific recommendations for maintaining a health active mind and body through the senior years…each step of the model is discussed in detail with many clear examples to guide the user…this book has important implications for readers of all ages and abilities. – Debra K. Evans-Rhodes Ph.D.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword; Preface
1. Introduction
2. Walking and Waltzing
3. Exercise Alternatives
4. Learn Alternatives to Drug Therapy
5. Listen to Other Health Options
6. Necessary Drugs Only
7. Eating Proper Foods
8. Safety and Precautionary Measures
9. Stress Reduction Techniques
10. Management and Control of Drugs
11. Overcome Fears and Stereotypes through Education
12. Drugs and Drug Reactions Education
13. Enjoy – Have Fun and Play
14. Laughter as Internal Jogging
Bibliography; Name Index; Word Index

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