Nutrition for God's Temple (hardcover)

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This nutrition textbook, both up-to-date and accurate, is written for Christians and others who wish to self-protect their bodies against health hazards. The contents and controversial topics are well-referenced (over 350 references), and approximately 70% of the references are from sources published since 1986. Each chapter contains detailed summary tables that include the major points. Appendixes contain detailed nutrient analyses of hundreds of foods. At the end of each chapter are commonly-asked questions and answers concerning the topic. Finally, at the back of the book 18 laboratories are included, to give students some practical working knowledge of nutrition and how it might by applied to everyday life. Each chapter has Bible verses that apply to the particular topic in nutrition.


This book contains a very complete and thorough treatise on the scientific state of nutrition in America today. He has masterfully organized each chapter to aid the learner…Dr. Couey has made this text unique wit the question and answers at the end of the each chapter…asked intriguing questions and superbly answered them. This is an outstanding plus for this type of book.” – Dr. Linus J. Dowling Texas A&M University in Scholarly Research Review

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