Cleary, Maureen

Dr Maureen Cleary specialises in the governance of Church, community and nonprofit organisations. She has an extensive work history in the Catholic Church in Australia which has spanned education, welfare and health. Dr Cleary was awarded a doctoral degree from the Faculty of Business, University of Technology, Sydney.

Management Dilemmas in Catholic Human Service
2007 0-7734-5462-4
This work seeks to identify and analyze certain management and governance dilemmas displayed in Australia’s Catholic Human Service Organizations (CHSO). The research found that these problems are arising out of the complex interaction of the Church structures, external economic and political changes and a fundamental change in the personal base of these organizations. While quite uniform in the 1960s, Australian CHSOs have taken on multiple organizational forms in the past years due to rapid changes in the arenas in which they operate. Yet, in all these different forms, a single meaning system serves as a unifying principle, thereby illustrating that CHSOs cannot be categorized as being derived from a political, economic or legal institutional base. Rather, they are part of a group of organizations called Symbolic Organizations that are derived from a symbolic institutional base.

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