Silberberg, Martin

About the author: Martin Silberberg is the pseudonym of a psychoanalyst. Owing to the special nature of his clinical work, Dr. Silberberg has chosen to remain anonymous until he retires from practice.

On the Death of My Father. A Psychoanalyst's Memoir
1995 0-7734-9052-3
{The death of one's father is} "the most important event, the most poignant loss, of a man's life." -- Sigmund Freud When the author's father died a few years ago he was shaken by feelings of unsuspected depth. This memoir is a narrative of his personal struggle to comprehend and integrate his father's death into his life. In this very thoughtful, simply written and, at times, wrenching analysis of this relationship with his father, the author offers perceptive insights about the entire process of loss and mourning both as it relates to the living and those who have died which reaches beyond his own individual experience.

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