Subject Area: Economics

The Economic Development of Small Cities: Two Case Studies
 Summers, Edward
2022 1495510042 220 pages
This book examines governance in two small cities and the process through which economic development occurs. It also examines institutional arrangements or coalitions and why some projects succeeded and others failed. The author makes the case for the importance of better understanding the role civic capacity and engagement play in communities.

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World Energy Crisis and the Task of Retrenchment: Reaching the Peak of Oil Production
 Itzkoff, Seymour
2009 0-7734-5056-4 276 pages
The unanticipated arrival of peak energy production will cause the greatest revolution in the Western world’s optimistic perceptions of the future since the beginning of the use of our fossil fuel inheritance in the 18th century. Retrenchment and scarcity will now be the themes of international discourse. This work probes the philosophical assumptions behind this planning lapse, the sudden confrontation with a reversal of all that has powered our political and economic institutions.

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Yugoslav Worker Emigration, 1963-1973
 Goodlett, David E.
2007 0-7734-5398-9 208 pages
This study examines the Yugoslav government’s policy on the rapidly escalating Yugoslav worker emigration from 1963-1973 through the coverage of that emigration in the major Yugoslav news media during these same years. Because the Yugoslav press contained a degree of contrasting opinion that was high relative to other Communist states during the same period, while at the same time allowing no questioning of settled policy, its coverage of this subject provides a useful window into the shifting attitudes toward worker emigration of the government and especially of President Tito. Using as sources the major Yugoslav newspapers and other periodicals, as well as dispatches from Tanjug, the Yugoslav government’s official news agency, and translations of radio broadcasts, the picture comes clearly into focus of a government struggling to manage the effects of this exodus, but unable to affect the outflow in a substantive way because it was unavoidable given the external labor markets and the policy of self-management itself.

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