Economic Performance Under Democratic Regimes in Latin America in the Twenty-First Century

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These essays explain and evaluate the experience of democracy in recent years, considering the historical, economic, cultural, and social factors that aided its re-emergence, as well as the continued poverty and inequality in the region that challenge it.


“This well-balanced collection of essays analyzes why the region’s new democracies had to abandon a state-centered development strategy to confront the new realities. Essays include up-to-date studies of contemporary Mexico, Argentina, and Chile, regional comparisons with emerging industrial states in Asia, and a fresh look at the development options the state has in a globalized economy. For courses on Latin American politics, on economic development, or on the state, it provides an excellent text grounded in case studies, yet open to well-crafted generalizations.” – James Lang, Vanderbilt University

“This book provides a documented and nuanced evaluation of the successes and failures of the ‘least bad’ democracies in Latin America over the last decade.” – Paul E. Sigmund, Princeton University “…makes a significant contribution to the understanding of democratic advances in Latin America….The book’s singular achievement lies in the contributors’ rigorous, exhaustive, and detailed analysis of the conditions under which democratic regimes in this continent have been erected. Furthermore, in a very solid way the book alerts us to the threats that loom around the democratic progress, due to the extreme income inequality, poverty, the lack of health care and education, and environmental degradation.” – Dr. Fernando Pozos Ponce, Universidad de Guadalajara

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
· Foreword (Paul E. Sigmund)
· Preface (Lowell S. Gustafson and Satya R. Pattnayak)
· The Problems of Democratic Consolidation in Latin America (Satya R. Pattnayak and Lowell S. Gustafson)
· Latin American Democracy in Historical Perspective (Lowell S. Gustafson and Satya R. Pattnayak)
· The Political Culture of Democracy and Liberalism in Latin America and Asia (Imtiaz Hussain)
· Economic Liberalization, Political Freedom, State, and Social Inequality in Latin America (Satya R. Pattnayak)
· Civil Society and the Processes of Political and Economic Liberalization in Latin America (Abdul Nafey)
· Economic, Social, and Labor Asymmetries in Central America (Jorge Nowalski)
· Electoral Democracy in Mexico: Economic Implications of the PAN Victory (Linda Wilcox Young)
· Democracy, Development, and Rural Education Policy in Chile (Ximena Sánchez)
· From Abundance to Bust: The Long Argentine Crisis (Lowell S. Gustafson
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