Case Studies of Conflict in Africa: The Niger Delta, the Bakassi Peninsula, and Piracy in Somalia

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In this collection of essays, scholars weigh in on contemporary issues in African politics. These scholars offer solutions to important problems that impact all aspects of African life, from the environment, to poverty, political instability, and piracy. They also contextualize these problems through historical analysis and discuss the legacies of colonialism on the continent, as well as regional disputes that cause neighboring tribes and nations to act in violence towards each other. This book draws on political science, economics, ecology, and several other disiciplines.


“This book provides important background for understanding additional problems facing Africa today, and points to practical solutions that can put African countries on the road to recovery and away from instability and armed conflict. Their insightful analysis should be instructive to policy makers and points the way for academics to further probe African issues and for students to get firsthand knowledge about an often ignored continent.”

- Prof. Nikolaos A. Stavrou,
Howard University

Table of Contents

1.Turmoil in Nigeria: How to Resolve the Niger Delta Conflict
Turmoil in Nigeria: How to Resolve the Niger Delta Conflict
The Niger Delta Problem
The Nigerian State, the Willinks Commission and the Search for a Solution
Post-Independence Policy Responses to the Niger Delta Problem

2. The Bakassi Peninsula Dispute and Conflict Resolution in Africa
Dilemma: Fight or Talk
Nigeria’s Argument: The 1884 Kings and Chiefs Agreement
Cameroon’s Argument and the Anglo-German Treaty
The Court’s Disposition
The Significance of the Ruling
Post-ICJ Ruling Phase of the Dispute
Economic Significance of the Bakassi Peninsula

3. Piracy Along the African Coast and Its Implications on Global Security
Piracy Along the Africa Coastline
World’s Piracy Hotspots-Nigeria, Somalia and the Gulf of Eden
Piracy in Nigeria
Piracy in Somalia and the Gulf of Eden
Implications of Piracy Along the Coast of Somalia
Implications on Somalia
Global Implications of Piracy
Recommendations for Dealing with Piracy

4. Barriers to Resolving African Problems
The Niger Delta Conflict
Cameroon-Nigeria Dispute over the Bakassi Peninsula
Piracy off the Coast of Africa

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