African Childhood Poor Social and Economic Environments

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A study on the state of perpetual poverty in which African children live, caused by the unstable and corrupt governments.


"Our leaders of today must become familiar with the ways and means of solving tommorrow's problems. they must have the determination, courage, and ability to visualize a methodology that is effective enough to protect and maintain the best interests of the people in relation to the national interest. intelligent protection involves emphasis and reemphasis on the educational development of children. African nations are at war with ignorance, poverty and disease. Young people must be prepared to share greater responsibility for their nation's future. There is a need for greater and greater attention to efficient production and management on the part of African leaders in order that the children may have a decent standard of living."

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Prologue

Chapter 2: Introduction

Chapter 3: Rites of Passage

Chapter 4: Poor Environments

Chapter 5: Poor Schools

Chapter 6: Apartheid Segregation

Chapter 7: Sovereign Debts

Chapter 8: Health Risks

Chapter 9: Child Refugees

Chapter 10: Give us this Day

Chapter 11: Child Work

Chapter 12: Epilogue



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