Poverty, AIDS & Street Children in East Africa

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Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Introduction: Poverty, AIDS and Street Children in East Africa (Joe L. P. Lugalla & Colleta G. Kibassa
The Experience of Kenya
1. Children in Debt: The Experience of Street Children in Nairobi (Octavian N. Gakuru, Priscilla W. Kariuki and Kennedy M. Bikuri)
2. Poverty, Street Life and Prostitution: The Dynamics of Child Prostitution in Kisumu, Kenya (Joyce M. Olenja and Violet N. Kimani)
3. Katoloni Street Children Rehabilitation School: A Case Study of an Integrated Model for Community Development (Elias H. O. Ayiemba)
The Experience of Tanzania
4. The State and Status of Street Children in Tanzania Today: A Theoretical Framework (Abu K. Mvungi)
5. The Peasant Household, SAPs and Street Children in Tanzania (Joachim A. Mwami)
6. Street Children and Street Life in Urban Tanzania: The Culture of Surviving and Its Implications for Children’s Health (Joe L. P. Lugalla and Jessie Kazeni Mbwambo)
7. Networking Among Street Children as a Strategy for Surviving and Coping with Urban Life: A Case Study of Kisutu-Gerezani Streets, Dar-Es-Salaam (Felician S. K. Tungaraza)
8. Does the Law in Tanzania Protect Street Children: An Appraisal of the Legal Regime Governing Street Children (Lutfried Mbunda)
9. Rising to the Challenge: How Educators Can Help Tanzanian Street Children (Augustine Obeleagu Agu and Illuminata Tukai)
The Experience of Uganda
10. The Life and Causes of Street Children in Kampala, Uganda (Seggane Musisi)
11. Urbanization and Street Children in Uganda: A Case Study of Kampala City (Florence Akiiki Asiimwe)
12. Reintegration of Street Children: A Critical Look at Sustainable Success (Christopher Wakiraza)
13. An Examination of the “Pull Factors” Affecting Kampala’s Street Children and the Shape of a Comprehensive Solution (Simeon Wiehler)
General Papers
14. The Problem of Street Children in Africa: An Ignored Tragedy (Peter A. Kopoka)
15. Situation Analysis of Street Children in South Africa (Benson C. Nindi)
16. Coping with Countertransference in Work with Street Children with HIV/AIDS (Karen Landmann)
17. How Should East Africa Proceed from Here? (Joe L. P. Lugalla and Colleta G. Kibassa)
Bibliography; Index

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