Political Economy of the Nile Basin Regime in the Twentieth Century

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This work contributes to the scholarship on the link between environmental degradation and conflict challenges faced by the Nile Basin countries by investigating determinants of collective action. The study will be useful to national leaders in crafting a new Nile River Agreement, and policy makers and scholars involved in water issues.


“Anyone interested in the still developing international law of water resources; the politics and economics of the Nile basin or of any state within the basin; or in the more general questions of the interplay of law, economics, and politics in international regimes as well as the impact of those regimes on the lives of ordinary people will find that this book rewards a careful reading.” – Prof. Joseph W. Dellapenna, Villanova University School of Law

“This work deals with a very important topic that has huge theoretical and policy significance. This book will be an excellent contribution to the on going research on ‘water, conflict and cooperation’ in general and Nile basin development and cooperation in particular. It is well written, convincingly argued and thoroughly researched.” - Prof. Ashok Swain, Uppsala Center for Sustainable Development

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
1. Water Scarcity, Conflict, and Cooperation
2. Colonial/Post-Colonial Nile Water Regimes
3. Sovereignty and Trans-Boundary River Basins
4. The Political Economy of the Nile River Basin
5. The Demand for Water and Climate Change
6. The Nascent Nile Basin Regime
7. Future Prospects and Challenges

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