How African Women Writers Have Created A New Identity for African Women: A.A. Aidoo, B. Emecheta, G. Ogot, S. Magona

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African literature has become a tendency again in the hands of a new generation of women writers who are often associated with the term 'Afropolitanism'. These writers openly criticise the still unsolved problems in both African and Western societies that African women writers from the first and second generation addressed more than thirty years ago. In order to understand our current times, it is essential to analyse the previous generations that have shaped the literary, if not the social world, we live in.


"In this book Dr. Gil Naveira centres on the idea of identity and how it changes as a consequence of factors such as education, exile, and society. In this way, she aptly connects these four writers and their social role, pointing to how the future of Africa may unfold and thereby helping the reader to embrace it."
Dr. Jose Luis Carames Lage,
University of Oviedo

"I believe this book offers an original and very interesting approach to the study of identity in the African narrative written in English by A. A. Aidoo, B. Emecheta, G. Ogot and S. Magona, dealing with issues such as the paradigms of education and exile and their social consequences, since, from an ethnographic approach, and not, as she explains, postcolonial, feminist or western, the author offers an interesting contribution to scholarship as she analyses the balance that seems to exist between social identity, as well as relationship between literature and society."
Dr. Maria Jose Alvarez Faedo,
University of Oviedo

Table of Contents

Foreword by Jose Luis Carames Lage




Chapter 1. The Novel in Context

Chapter 2. Identity and Education

Chapter 3. Identity and Exile

Chapter 4. Identity and Society

General Conclusions



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