Yu, Fu-Lai Tony

Dr. Fu-Lai Tony Yu is Professor in the Department of Economics, Feng Chia University (Taiwan). He obtained his PhD from University of New South Wales (Australian Defence Force Academy). His recent publications include Firms, Strategies and Economic Change: Explorations in Austrian Economics (2005), East Asian Business Systems in the Evolutionary Perspective: Entrepreneurship and Coordination (2003), and Alternative Theories of the Firm, 3 volumes (co-edited with R.N. Langlois & P.L. Robertson) (2002).

Studies in Entrepreneurship, Business and Government in Hong Kong
2006 0-7734-5606-6
This book uses new institutional and Austrian theories advanced in recent decades to analyze Hong Kong’s economic transformation. It focuses on knowledge and coordination problems, and examines the role of entrepreneurship, small Chinese family enterprises and government policies in the economic development of Hong Kong. So far, no similar work has been published. Part I is the theoretical framework which explores the role of entrepreneurship, small business and government in the economic development of a small open economy. Part II and III explain how entrepreneurship and Chinese family businesses transform the economy of Hong Kong. Part IV focuses on the coordinating function of the Hong Kong government. This book will be of special interest to scholars of entrepreneurship, Asian business systems and economic development. It will also be of use to policy makers in latecomer economies.

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