Subject Area: Philosophy-Specific Philosopher(s)

American Women Philosophers, 1650-1930: Six Exemplary Thinkers
 Dykeman, Therese Boos
1993 0-7734-9266-6 404 pages
This text introduces six American women (Anne Bradstreet, Mercy Otis Warren, Mary Whiton Calkins, Judith Sargent Murray, Frances Wright, and Ednah Dow Cheney), and discusses their works as philosophy. This anthology presents a number of works never reprinted and difficult to locate. The works are of interdisciplinary interest: philosophy, feminist philosophy, women's studies, political science, and history.

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Michel Foucault and the Freedom of Thought. Thinking Otherwise between Knowledge, Power and Self
 Robinson, Keith A.
2001 0-7734-7573-7 348 pages
This volume offers a map of the underlying movements of Foucault’s thought. Detailed and comprehensive, it demonstrates that Foucault is a philosopher of complex spaces, territories and architectures of thought across the range of his work, and includes analyses of lesser known texts (Magritte, Pierre Riviere, Brisset) that are hardly mentioned in the secondary literature. It also presents new and original readings of his major texts that will interest a wide audience. The primary sense, direction, and force of Foucault’s thought is shown to reside in the connections established between a new conception of space-time and freedom, an open system of relations that shows how he thinks the ‘present’ differently, designating this effort the ‘thought from Outside’. This is the freedom of thought in Foucault – a potentially dangerous or joyful yet necessarily endless effort to connect and reconnect with the Outside that is uniquely Foucauldian.

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Modern Technology in the Heideggerian Perspective, Vol. 1
 Lovitt, Harriet
1995 0-88946-345-X 500 pages
A groundbreaking study, containing a landmark inquiry into structural coherences pervading Heidegger's thinking. This two volume work provides current Heidegger-scholarship with invaluable resources for considering the multi-faceted discourses and themes that are strewn along Heidegger's path to thinking.

Price: $279.95

Modern Technology in the Heideggerian Perspective, Vol. 2
 Lovitt, William
1995 0-88946-269-0 600 pages
A groundbreaking study, containing a landmark inquiry into structural coherences pervading Heidegger's thinking.

Price: $319.95

Montesquieu’s Vision of Uncertainty and Modernity in Political Philosophy
 Sparks, Christopher
1999 0-7734-7976-7 292 pages
The text considers Montesquieu as a thinker within a broad historical, social and philosophical context. As such the text is both about Montesquieu and uses Montesquieu to consider a range of broader issues. In particular the text focuses on questions of philosophical certainty and uncertainty and relates Montesquieu's work to historical, literary and social changes. This approach not only provides a wide ranging and multifaceted analysis of Montesquieu but also provides his work with a significant contemporary relevance .

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Philosophy of Religion in Kierkegaard's Writings
 Thomas, John Heywood
1995 0-7734-9591-6 204 pages
This volume emphasizes the unity of philosophical outlook and coherence of thought in Kierkegaard's writings. Sketches the development of his thinking on the nature of faith, and identifies the decisive influences on him. Linguistic analysis clarifies his paradoxical theses concerning faith and uncertainty, and his importance, under six heads: (i) faith is not proof; (ii) rebuttal of rationalism; (iii) rebuttal of the empirical error; (iv) religious faith is the answer to a limiting question; (v) the insistence on the inclusion of the person; and (vi) the clue to the meaningfulness of religion.

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Reason and Feeling in Hume's Action Theory and Moral Philosophy. Hume's Reasonable Passion
 Shaw, Daniel
1998 0-7734-8282-2 184 pages
Based upon a study of arguments in the Treatise and the Enquiry, this work proposes a theory of motivation and of the making of moral judgments which is Humean in two important ways: it defends (1) Hume's anti-rationalist claim that reason alone cannot either motivate action or lead to the making of moral judgment, and (2) Hume's 'sentimentalist' claim that feeling is always essentially involved in both.

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Rehabilitation of the Body as a Means of Knowing in Pascal’s Philosophy of Experience
 Yhap, Jennifer
2009 0-7734-9796-X 108 pages
Attempts to read the Philosophic tradition into the Pensees of Pascal. Calls attention to the relevance of this largely ignored thinker to the traditional problematic of the relationship between body and soul.

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Studies in the Philosophy of Michel Foucault: A French Alternative to Anglo-Americanism
 Lightbody, Brian
2010 0-7734-1324-3 172 pages
This collection reminds the reader that Foucault was first and foremost a philosopher. The study focuses on the three principal aspects of Foucault’s work as Foucault himself acknowledged them to be namely, subjectivity, truth and power.

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Thomas Hill Green (1836-1882) and the Philosophical Foundations of Politics. An Internal Critique
 Tyler, Colin
1998 0-7734-8498-1 316 pages

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Thought of Lucien Goldmann. A Critical Study
 Donaldson, Aidan
1996 0-7734-8742-5 348 pages
This work provides the first comprehensive and detailed exposition of the entire oeuvre of the important 20th-century philosopher and social researcher, Lucien Goldmann. His entire range of study, including his writings on literature, political theory and philosophy, as well as his methodology, are examined and assessed in full.

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