Robinson, Keith A.

About the author: Keith Robinson has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Warwick (UK). He has published articles in the field of European Philosophy. He is Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Grand Valley State University (USA).

Michel Foucault and the Freedom of Thought. Thinking Otherwise between Knowledge, Power and Self
2001 0-7734-7573-7
This volume offers a map of the underlying movements of Foucault’s thought. Detailed and comprehensive, it demonstrates that Foucault is a philosopher of complex spaces, territories and architectures of thought across the range of his work, and includes analyses of lesser known texts (Magritte, Pierre Riviere, Brisset) that are hardly mentioned in the secondary literature. It also presents new and original readings of his major texts that will interest a wide audience. The primary sense, direction, and force of Foucault’s thought is shown to reside in the connections established between a new conception of space-time and freedom, an open system of relations that shows how he thinks the ‘present’ differently, designating this effort the ‘thought from Outside’. This is the freedom of thought in Foucault – a potentially dangerous or joyful yet necessarily endless effort to connect and reconnect with the Outside that is uniquely Foucauldian.

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