Silvester, Rosalind

About the author: Dr. Rosalind Silvester is Lecturer in French Studies at Queen’s University Belfast where she teaches and researches into stylistics, sociolinguistics, modern French authors and Franco-Chinese writing. She taught previously at Trinity College Dublin and the University of Nottingham where she completed a D.Phil.

Seeking Sartre’s Style. Stylistic inroads into Les Chemins de la Liberte
2003 0-7734-6684-3
This study looks at Jean Sartre’s trilogy through the interdisciplinary angle of philosophy and linguistics. Moving from the conventional study of prose narrative, this book provides a rewarding understanding and appreciation of Sartre’s use of language in Les Chemins de la liberté. With the application of various stylistic procedures, practical examples of textual analysis are given and act as a useful tool for students of stylistics.

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