Wit's Magazine, or Library of Momus ( London: Harrison & Co., 1784-85)

This catalogue embraces the poetry, stories, anecdotes, and essays of this “Library of Momus” published in seventeen monthly numbers (January 1784 through May 1785). The copious minor verses pieces (rebuses, paradoxes, epitaphs, epigrams, distiches, etc.) in “The Sphinx” have not been indexed by first line or title, but such entries are given short notice, with authors’ names and signatures recorded, in the Register of each monthly part. There are no reviews, political sections or news departments in the magazine. Materials for the magazine were to be selected from the best authors to supplement original contributions in prose and verse, and that articles would not be confined to the humorous or witty.

Table of Contents

Introductory Statement
Register of the Monthly Contents
Title and Initial-Wording Index (Prose)
Title and Initial-Wording Index (Poetry)
Index of Authors, Signatures, and Sources
Works Cited and Consulted