Comick Magazine or, Compleat Library of Mirth, Humour, Wit, Gaiety and Entertainment by the Greatest Wits of All Ages & Nations (London: Harrison & Co., March-December 1796)

An annotated catalogue of The Comick Magazine (March-December 1796). Included in the catalogue is a Register of the Monthly Contents, a Title and Initial-Wording Index in Prose form, a Title and Initial-Wording Index in poetry form, an Index of Authors, Signatures, and Sources, as well as section of Works Cited and Consulted


“...Harrison and Company’s Comick Magazine not only addressed the same audience as their earlier Wit’s Magazine (1784-85) but also republished much of its prose and verse, often with textual revisions, newly invented titles, and altered attributions to authors.” -from the introduction

Table of Contents

1. Introductory Statement
2. Register of the Monthly Contents
3. Title and Initial-Wording Index (Prose)
4. Title and Initial-Wording Index (Poetry)
5. Index of Authors, Signatures, and Sources
6. Works Cited and Consulted