An Anatomy of Reprintings and Plagiarisms: Finding Keys to Editorial Practices and Magazine History, 1730-1820

Gathers a variety of studies of British and American magazines in which the reprinted articles when traced to their origins reveal practices of editors that otherwise might go undetected. Some of these practices are false sales figures, false charges of plagiarism against those from whom the magazines most frequently plagiarized, the disguised reprinting of something old as something new, disclosure of scandal in the lives of persons invented to permit scandal to be disclosed, and promises of wonderful things to appear which never would or were intended to appear.

Table of Contents

Introductory: Thomas Gordon and The Universal Spectator
The Court Magazine: Marketing Something Old as Something New
The Beauties of the Magazines (1772)
The Monthly Ledger (1773-1776): A Year of Plagiarisms
The Monthly Miscellany/The Sentimental Magazine: Mirror Images
The Town and Country Magazine: Decline in the Nineties
The American Herald: Distinguishing American from Foreign Voices
The Edinburgh Magazine and the New York Magazine
The Balance: A Hudson Magazine’s Big-City Connection
New York/Philadelphia/New York
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