Sensationalist Literature and Popular Culture in the Early American Republic

Author: Pitcher, Edward
Hartigan, D.
Previous samplers have not swept together the variety that the present editors have gathered, not invited readers to study this literature as part of a reassessment of ‘taste’ within the general populace of the early American republic, especially in the years 1780-1810.

Table of Contents

Table of contents (Main headings):
Courting Credulity; Ghosts, Apparitions, Tall Tales; Crimes and Confessions; Extraordinary Masculinities; Evites, Amazons, and Fabulous Females; Fantastic and Harrowing Voyages; Exotic Lands and Strange Customs; Marvels of Science and Medicine; Marvellous Animals, Creatures, and Beasts; Sensational Journalism; Works Cited