U.S. and Confederate Arms and Armories During the American Civil War. Vol. 4. U. S. Civil War Carbines.


Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Introduction: Innovations; New Technology; Inside Contract System; Outside Contract System; Breech-loading carbines; Scarcity of arms; Inspection; Labor; Costs; Politics and arms
1. Pre-Civil War Arms: Hall Carbine; 1847 Cavalry Musketoon; US Models of 1855; Schroeder Carbine; Symmes Carbine; Jenks Carbine
2. Carbines Whose Production and First Models Were Produced Before the Civil War: Civil War Carbines of Christian Sharps; Burnside Arms Company; Merrill Carbine; Greene Carbine
3. Civil War Percussion Carbines: Cosmopolitan; Gallager, Gibbs; Maynard; Lindner; Smith; Starr Arms Company; Mont Storm
4. Late Civil War Carbines Using Self-contained Metallic Cartridges: Ball; Palmer; Ballard; Joslyn; Lee; Perry; E. Remington & Sons; Spencer Rifle Company; Triplett & Scott; Warner; Wesson; How Good Were the Carbines
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