Gunsmiths of the Carolinas, 1660-1870

Author: Whisker, James
A fully documented listing of gunsmiths, cutlers, gunpowder makers and other arms makers of the Carolinas. Utilizes primary sources such as period newspapers, U.S. Census reports, and city directories, along with reliable secondary sources, such as Dr. Mackintosh's unpublished list and Mr. Bivins' published research. Provides a comprehensive introduction to arms making, apprenticeships, the need for arms among the militias, especially in the period before 1800, and the various secondary trades practiced by gunsmiths.


"Collectors, gunsmiths, historians and anyone else interested in this subject will find this title of value. . . . With each entry Whisker provided as much biographical information as possible. The result is a definite historical source that would be of value to both collector, gunsmith, and historian." -- Black Powder Times