The Antichrist from Earliest Times Through the Reformation: The History of a Theological Idea

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This book is a thematic study offering a history of representations of the antichrist in religious thought and literature. "The malevolent figure of the Antichrist has endured for more than two millennia as both a religious and secular character. Its spectral figure has cast a powerful shadow over events during these ages. For two thousand years the Antichrist has appeared as the evil antagonist against Jesus Christ in the cosmic dual between good and evil." -The Authors

Table of Contents

Nature of the Antichrist
The Antichrist in the Beginning
The Antichrist in the Early Church Fathers
Antichrist in the Dark Ages
Cosmic Dualism and the Antichrist
The Reformation and the Antichrist
Defense of the Catholic Church Against the Charges of Being the Antichrist

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