Pennsylvania Silversmiths, Goldsmiths and Pewterers, 1684-1900

This treatise provides a checklist of the tradesmen who worked in the mediums of gold, silver and pewter from the earliest days through 1900 in Pennsylvania. Also offers an overview of the general relationship between established tradesmen and their apprentices and servants. Utilizes original source materials.


"Whisker skilfully shows that in light of the fact that the guild system was not common in American, individual apprenticeships became the backbone of transferring the art to succeeding generations until the emerging factory system simply outpaced cottage industry. . . . The readers have access to complete bibiliographical information in separate listings by document collections, books, articles, theses and dissertations, manuscripts, directories and newspapers. The result is a treasure trove of information for both serious collectors and anyone interested in the subject." - Blacksmith's Gazette, September 1995