Glossary of U.S. Government Vocabulary

All social sciences/humanities are seeking to develop precise vocabulary such as is employed by the physical sciences and mathematics. This manuscript is a modest contribution toward defining the precise use of vocabulary in 1992 in American national government. This dictionary has concentrated heavily on providing summaries on the outputs of the federal courts, especially the United States Supreme Court, as their decisions impact on students of politics, practitioners, and attorneys. The final chapter offers working definitions of the vocabulary of political socialization and political culture.


". . . Whisker's glossary is more than a reference book to be consulted only when a definition of a term relevant to U. S. politics is needed. Sensible answers to many questions concerning the U.S. political scene may be quickly located with the help of this easy-to-use work. . . . This work makes for fascinating general reading because of the skillful presentation of historical information. It is nearly impossible to pick it up, look for one definition, and put it down without reading further." -- American Reference Books Annual (1994) Libraries Unlimited, Inc.