James Joyce's Books, Portraits, Manuscripts, Notebooks, Typescripts, Page Proofs Together with Critical Essays About Some of His Works

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This volume makes available in one place, to Joyce scholars and enthusiasts, a comprehensive view of some of the Joyce collection at the State University of New York at Buffalo. How the materials arrived at Buffalo is discussed, in part, in several of the articles.
Sections include:
The Personal Library of James Joyce: A Descriptive Bibliography
Home is Where the Art Is: The Joyce Family Gallery
James Joyce Exhibition: A Catalogue (of the collection of Joyce material in the Lockwood Memorial Library at SUNY Buffalo)
Critical essays on the Dubliners, Stephen Hero, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, "A Textual Crux in Eumaeus"; and "Joyce and Faulkner."

This edition is lavishly illustrated with pictures of the articles in the Joyce collection, including portraits, page proofs, manuscripts, notebooks, and typescripts.

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