Impeaching the American President: The Cases of Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and William Clinton

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"This book rejects Presidential impeachment, supporting in its stead a Congressional action of censure against the President. ...For over 220 years from the founding of the Republic, the impeachment of the President was an unusual event. It occurred only once in the case of Andrew Johnson; but the circumstances then were extraordinary, the impeachment arising in the wake of a civil war. Even so, the impeachment effort failed albeit by one vote. It was not expected to be used again. ...This seemed to be in accordance with the vision of the Framers of the Constitution. Many of the Founding Fathers argued that impeachment was unnecessary for the President. The Presidency, after all, was an elected position; the periodic elections themselves would act as a safety value and remove those who abused the public trust. ...In addition to treating all of the impeachments in a comparative way, the book discusses the biographical background of Johnson, Nixon and Clinton so as to understand, in each case, their struggles to reach the Presidency, their relationship to the Congress and to the public." -From the Author's Abstract

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Andrew Johnson
Chapter 2: Richard M. Nixon
Chapter 3: The Special Prosecutor
Chapter 4: William J. Clinton
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