How Elevators and Air Conditioning Changed American Polity: An Essay in Architectural Technology

Author: Ulloth, Dana
The book traces the evolution of two technologies - elevators and air-conditioning - until they became essential elements of the "skyscraper". It examines several turning points in detail, alongside the economic and social consequences of these two technologies.


"Dr. Ulloth's thorough research takes readers back in time and explains how and who both of these oft overlooked elements in our everyday lives came to be and came to play such important roles in our homes, places of entertainment, businesses and more. It provides an invaluable foundation for future research and is an excellent resource on the history and societal importance of these inventions."
Professor Helen E. Bieber,
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Table of Contents

Foreword by Helen E. Bieber




1. Lifting Objects and People

2. The Industrial Revolution: Changing Everything

3. Cultural, Social, and Attitudinal Barriers to Elevators

4. The Elevator: Making Buildings Taller

5. Climate: Warm vs. Cool

6. Finally: Air Conditioning

7. Conclusion

8. Bibliography

9. Copyright Permission

10. Index