Subject Area: Philosophy-Political

Anarchism in Japan: A Study of the Great Treason Affair, 1910-1911
 Plotkin, Ira L.
1991 0-88946-729-3 180 pages
Begins with a general introduction dealing with the turn of the century, then studies the anarchist movement and the political participants, the plot to assassinate the emperor, the activities of the police, the trial, and finally the philosophy of anarchism and the minor participants in this affair. Sets in perspective the issue of governmental control of deviant political behaviour in Japan.

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Defending Justice as Reciprocity an Essay on Social Policy and Political Philosophy
 Smith, Steven R.
2002 0-7734-6932-X 300 pages

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Electoral Conditions of Economic Cooperation. How Democracies Select Their Leaders Affects Their Foreign Policy
 Rey, Denis
2010 0-7734-3764-9 164 pages
Examines whether electoral rules impact the level of multilateralism, or cooperative policies, that countries pursue. Specifically, this research looks at International Governmental Organization membership, foreign aid donations, and trade tariffs to determine whether some democracies, because of the degree of representativeness afforded by their political institutions, pursue such preferences to a greater extent than others.

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How War Makes Politics Impossible
 Hofmeister, Heimo
2007 0-7734-5378-4 208 pages
This book provides an English translation of philosopher Heimo Hofmeister’s book, Der Wille zum Krieg, oder die Ohnmacht der Politik, which traces the connection between war and the individual or group awareness of differences among ‘others’ which leads to inevitable and serious disagreement. Analyzing the relations of strength, force and power on the one hand and state, politics and war on the other, Hofmeister shows that while conflict is inevitable, war is not. Ironically, the same diversity that exists among humanity and the conflicts that arise from the awareness of such are just as much the foundation of harmony, friendship and love as they are that of war and hate.

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Interpreting Euripedes's Medea from Aristotelian and Nietzschean Perspectives: A Comparative Literary Criticism
 Eliopoulos, Panos
2021 1-4955-0880-3 544 pages
From the authors' introduction: "Among the many losses which followed the philosophical domination of Plato and Aristotle, one is central to this introduction. Until Nietzsche, serious thought has been associated with, often defined as, systematic thought in prose. As a result, the profound moral and political insights embedded in poetry and tragedy have been neglected or relegated to imaginative speculation. ...In this book we try to extrude some of Euripedes's moral and political thought from Medea. ...[T]his great masterpiece has not been understood as completely as might be expected of a play so famous and so thoroughly examined over the last twenty-five hundred years."

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Nietzsche's Zarathustra and Political Thought
 Stewart, James D.
2002 0-7734-6944-3 256 pages

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Political Philosophy of Eric Voegelin and His Followers: A Criticism of the Voegelinians
 Cole, David R.
2009 0-7734-4881-0 404 pages
This work is the first book-length criticism of the political philosophy of Eric Voegelin. This book demonstrates that despite his assertions to the contrary, Voegelin harbored long-standing partisan ideological leanings. After a thorough explication of both primary and secondary Voegelin literature, the author scrutinizes Voegelin’s claims of essential agreement between Plato and Aristotle; his attacks on Marx and Hegel; and his analysis of the character of a modern ‘gnostic.’ The concluding chapter places the ‘Voegelin phenomenon’ in the context of contemporary American political cleavages.

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Reprint Edition of the Principles of Politics by Arthur Ritchie Lord Together with a Critical Assessment
 Sweet, William
2006 0-7734-5591-4 332 pages
These volumes collect and introduce the major writings of the British/South African philosopher Arthur Ritchie Lord (1880-1941). Regarded as one of the finest minds in South African philosophy in the early twentieth century, Lord nevertheless published little during his lifetime part from his The Principles of Politics (1921) and a few short essays. The editors of these volumes bring together not only Lord’s published work, but almost all of his previously-unpublished lectures and essays.

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Robert Nozick’s Moral and Political Theory
 Papaioannou, Theo
2010 0-7734-3654-5 160 pages
This book examines the foundation and formation of Robert Nozick’s Libertarianism.

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Social Contract Tradition and the Question of Political Legitimacy
 Swanson, Matthew
2001 0-7734-7476-5 196 pages
The question of political legitimacy is a question concerning the justification of coercive political institutions. We recognize an obligation to obey political institutions given the satisfaction of certain conditions. This work examines these conditions by investigating the models of political legitimacy proposed by the classic social contract authors Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau, and extends the analysis to include the work of influential contemporary contract theorist John Rawls.

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