What Black People are Afraid to Tell Themselves About Themselves. A False Self-Identity Among Black, Negro, Colored, and White People in the United States

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This book unveils the historical development of skin color based racism in U.S. society from its origin in the sexual and reproductive relations between the South’s white slave owners and their black female slaves to the bold and startling conclusion that through a better understanding of these early kinship histories and ancestral lineages legacies we can actually envision the elimination of skin color bias by rejecting the false color based identities we have established for ourselves.

Table of Contents

Preface/Acknowledgements/ Introduction
Chapter 1:A Circulating Socio-lingual-currency among Colored, Negro, and Black Americans: “I have white people in my family.”
Chapter 2:An Affliction among White, Black, Negro and Colored Americans: The Skin-color-syndrome
Chapter 3:What White People Are Afraid To Tell Themselves about Themselves

-The South’s Slave Breeding Dilemma
-The South’s Five Socio-economic Relations of Sex and Reproduction
-Animal Husbandry
-The Breeding of Humans and the Human Body
-Selective Breeding
-Selective Breeding of Female Slaves and Girls
-The Manufacture of the Human Body

Chapter 4:What Black People Are Afraid To Tell Themselves about Themselves
-Black, Negro, or Colored Americans Are Not Descendants Of Africans or African Slaves
-The Meaning of black, Negro, and Colored Americans Are Not Descendants of Africans or African Slaves
Chapter 5:The Conclusion
-The Agnatic in the United States: patriarchy and Patrilineality
-The Agnatic: Patriarchy
-The Agnatic: Patrilineality
-The False Self Identity among White, black, Negro, and Colored Americans
Appendix A:
Commodity-Connexions and Chart I Continuation
Appendix B: Data Sources, Documentary Materials, and Data Analyses
Appendix C: Diaries and Letters from Slave Owners’ Wives and Family Members
Appendix D: Judicial Decisions and Court Cases
Appendix E: Slave Owners’ Personal Journals, Records, Agricultural Trade Journals, and Magazines
Appendix F: Testimonies by Former Slaves
Appendix G: Speeches and Writings by Renowned Colored and Negro Americans
Selected Bibliography

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