White Slave Owners Breeding and Selectively Breeding themselves with their Black Female Slaves and Girls: Why Black Americans are Not Descendants of Africans or African Slaves

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Winner of the Adele Mellen Prize for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship
Contrary to prior scientific and popular belief over slavery, this book explicitly and unequivocally demonstrates that the majority of Black Americans of the 20th and 21st Centuries do not have African slave heritage history. These descendants are neither Black Americans nor African Americans, but White because of their paternal ancestry as a result of the selective breeding practices of White slave owners with their Black female slaves.


“A must-read book …a stunning re-interpretation of the origin of racism in the United States.”
-Prof. Arthur E. Thomas,
Morgan State University, Maryland

Table of Contents

Foreword by Arthur E. Thomas, Ed.D.
Introduction: From Genesis to Phoenix
1. The Fallacy of Slavery in the United States, The Difference: A Polemic

The International Slave Era
The Domestic Slave era
The Slave breeding Dilemma

2. A Socio-lingual Currency and Two Discoveries of Slavery in the United States

A Socio-lingual Currency Regarding”…white people in my family”: An Essay
The Two Discoveries of Slavery in the U.S.
The peculiar affinity
The nexus of sex and reproduction

3. The Re-interpretation of the Black Family in the South, the Identity: A Polemic

Five Economic Relations of Sex and Reproduction
Animal Husband/Breeding
Breeding the Human Body
Selective Breeding
Selective Breeding of Black Female Slaves
Manufacturing the Human Body

4. The Peculiar Progeny:
An Essay
5. The Significance of the Skin Color in the United States and Its Origin: An Essay

A Skin Color Syndrome
6. The Peculiar Affinity, the Nexus of Sex and Reproduction, and the Founders and other Founding Members of Black American National Organizations and Associations in the United States: An Essay

Late 18th Century
Early 19th Century
Mid-Late 19th Century,
Early 20th Century
Mid-Late 20th Century
7. Conclusion: Identity and Difference: We Are Not African Americans
Appendix A :
Newspaper Advertisements of Female Slaves, Girls, and Children for Sale
Appendix B:
General Appearance of Newspaper Advertisements
Appendix C:
Quantitative Summary of Newspaper Advertisements
Appendix D:
Diaries and Letter from Wives and Relatives of Slave Owners
Appendix E:
Judicial and Court Cases on Breeding Female Slaves
Appendix F:
Personal Journals, Trade Journals, and Popular Magazines on Breeding Slaves
Appendix G:
Testimonies: Former Slaves on Breeding Female Slaves
Appendix H:
Speeches and Writings against Breeding by Renown Black Americans
Appendix I:
Diagrams of Species-Being

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