World the Slave Owners and Their Female Slaves Made. The Peculiar Affinity

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Contrary to prior scientific and popular belief over slavery, this book explicitly and unequivocally demonstrates that the majority of Black Americans of the 20th and 21st Centuries do not have African slave heritage history. These descendants are neither Black Americans nor African Americans, but White because of their paternal ancestry as a result of the selective breeding practices of White slave owners with their Black female slaves.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Peculiar Secret: The Origin of the Breeding Hypothesis and the Resolution to the Population Anomaly Associated with the Slaves Increases During the Domestic Slave Era

Chapter 2: A Living Monster: The Data and Documentary Materials and Their Corroborative Nature

Chapter 3: Witnesses to the Monster: Manufacturing and Breeding Evidence from Renowned Black Americans

Chapter 4: Coming Together: THe Corroborative Nature of the Data and Documentary Materials

Chapter 5: Peculiar Affinity: The Slave Breeding Form and the Slave Breeding Content

Chapter 6: A Peculiar Progeny: The Unitended Consequences of Breeding and Manufacturing the Human Body

Chapter 7: Conclusion: A Peculiar Implications




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