Regarding the Mystery of the Trinity and the Teaching of the Ancients to Philip Melanchthon and His Colleagues, 1553 by Michael Servetus

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This book is Servetus exposition and analysis of the early Church Fathers, theology of the Trinity and is considered to be the best of his total corpus. It represents the fifth and final volume of his treatise translated into English.


“Thinking that an English translation of Restitutio was an endeavor I could organizer and oversee, I made a commitment to take it on. I did not know the magnitude of my commitment... I look to the readers of this text who will go on to expand our understanding of Michael Servetus and the context of his life. I look forward to increased awareness regarding the intense relevancy between The Radical Reformation (1517-1579) and current times. The connections are startling. Our grasp of their importance cannot be complete without understanding the pivotal position taken up by Michael Servetus.”
-Alicia McNary Forsey,
Visiting Scholar,
The Graduate Theological Union,
Berkley, CA

“Dr. Hillar combines a thorough knowledge of pre-Christian philosophy with an accurate grasp of the biblical issues, in Old and New Testaments, relative to the nature of God and the person of Christ, and much else related to NT faith, and this enables him to provide illuminating comments in his notes on Servetus’ vigorous attack on the Reformation associate of John Calvin, Philip Melanchthon... It is one of the most amazing phenomena of public ignorance that most are unaware of the existence even of this noble martyr Servetus. If they will read his works, now provided for us in clear English, they might well be shocked into rethinking much that has been imposed on them as unquestionable dogma in their regular churchgoing. One can only wish Dr. Hillar’s labors to have the writings of the extraordinary Servetus available to a huge potential reading audience, every possible success... This translation of Servetus, along with the earlier works of Servetus already translated by Hillar, ought to be required reading for everyone attending a Christian church. Churchgoers are typically completely and uncritically in the dark about the central teachings listed in their creed, the origin (and even the meaning) of which they know almost nothing."
-Anthony F. Buzzard,
Scholar and Theologian

“I consider Prof. Hillar the most outstanding world scholar on Servetus’ thought as well as on several topics related to it, such as the concept of Logos… The translation is very clear and a true joy to read: Prof. Hillar’s abundant, thoughtful notes, tend to identify and clarify the author’s explicit quotations and his at some times obscure allusions, thus enriching the text significantly, facilitating the reader’s comprehension, and directing his/her eventual interest to further study of the complex philosophical and theological issues discussed. This volume will be a worthy coronation of the previous volumes already published.”
-Ángel Alcalá,
Professor Emeritus,
CUNY – Brooklyn College

Table of Contents

Notes and Introduction by Marian Hillar
Preface by Managing Editor, Alicia McNary Forsey
Servetus and Melanchthon by Marian Hillar
Note from Translators
Restoration of Christianity
Title page
Table of Contents
Apology Regarding the Mystery of the Trinity and the Teaching of the Ancients to Philip Melanchthon

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