Problems and Solutions in Urban Schools

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This book presents articles which address many issues discussed in educational arenas daily, presenting gripping insights into emotional subjects such as gender, discrimination and successful educational practices for the at-risk child in urban schools.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. An Urban School Dilemma - The At-Risk Student (Tony J. Manson, Joseph Jefferson)
2. Is Instruction Equal for Everyone? A Look at Gender Equity (Tony J. Manson, Bonita J. Manson, Karen Martin)
3. Teachers’ Perceptions of the Importance of Multicultural Education in the Classroom (Alice Duhon-Ross, Angela Battle)
4. Sensitizing America on Racism and Discrimination (Michael E. Orok, Teresa Merriweather-Orok)
5. Fun House Mirrors: At-Promise vs. At-Risk Perceptions of Urban Students (Nanthalia W. McJamerson)
6. I Am “Bad” and You Can’t Stop Me (Jimmy McJamerson)
7. I Am A Teacher (Jimmy McJamerson)
8. To Pass or Not to Pass: That is the Question (Mary M. Addison, Dolores A. Westmoreland)
9. The Uphill Climb to Erase White Racism in American and Its Effects on Urban School-Aged Children (Sabrina A Brinson)
10. Multicultural Education in Urban Schools (Darlington I. Ndubuike)
11. Urban or Suburb – The Issues Remain the Same (Mary M. Addison, Dolores A. Westmoreland)
12. The Adolescent’s Perception of Failure (William Kritsonis)
13. Urban Schools: Challenges for the New Millennium (Linda L. Lebert)

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