Developmental Process of Positive Attitudes and Mutual Respect A Multicultural Approach to Advocating School Safety

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This book proposes a new model for educational leadership in the 21st century. It is a tool for developing positive attitudes and human success for individual and families throughout society. It addressed the negativism that infiltrates the environment, helping readers to develop a positive focus by restructuring their thinking.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Introduction, Preface
Foreword: Family Workshops (Judy Parham)
1. Positive Thinking & Positive Attitudes = Academic Success (Rose Duhon-Sells)
2. A Promising Path (Eve Thompson)
3. The Political Power of Poetry (Eve Thompson)
4. The Preparation of Technologically Competent Teachers for Rural Children in Poverty (Shirley Stennis-Williams, Deborah G. Wooldridge, Jean Benton)
5. Social and Educational Family Empowerment Program Cooperates to Ensure Academic Success ( Beryl Watnick, Arlene Sacks)
6. Positive Classroom Management Strategies for Classroom Teachers (Alice Duhon-Ross, Sonya Ford)
7. Gender Equity in the Classroom (Tony J. Manson)
8. The Epistemology of Acting and Its Use in Teacher Preparation (Tom Griggs)
9. Academic Success (Linda LeBert)
10. It Does Take a Village: Uniting Efforts to Achieve Positive Thinking in Children (Emma Thomas Pitts)
11. Implications of Self-Esteem on School Performance (Marilyn Lorman, Sandra Cooley, Gwendolyn Duhon-Boudreaux)
12. The Sun Gonna Shine in My Back Door Someday! (Whitney G. Harris)
13. How Children Define Peace and Its Implications (Phyllis C. Cuevas, Spence J. Cuevas)
14. Reaching the Seventh Generation: Assuring the Future for Native American Children (Beverly J. Klug, Patricia A. Whitfield)
15. From No One to Someone Through hard Struggles and God’s Blessings (Suwarsih Madya Hudiwiharso)

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